Thursday, July 16, 2015


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Richie Jen (Yam Yin Chai) yesterday attended the Star Cruises Dream Voyage to Taiwan press conference as a "good will ambassador". Aside from sharing his childhood dreams and struggle, students even asked him questions.

Siu Chai earlier took his children to Taiwan to visit his parents and for a vacation. Because he will soon be busy with his directing debut ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE (LOK PAU BA OI CHING)'s promotion. Yesterday morning he returned to Hong Kong while his children remained in Taiwan. His new film will be released in Hong Kong, Taiwan and China, for the Mainland promotional tour he will have to go to one city a day. He said, "I believe all the flights and the car rides will leave my head spinning, but I hop to b able to perform well for my own movie. (Do you have any pressure?) Yes! I hope both the box office and word of mouth are good. This time isn't a big production, but I put a lot of effort into making it. It is very sincere. (Did you invest?) Yes, I can't just burn other people's money. I invested over NT$ 10 million. I hope I can break even."

Speaking of the large Mainland market, many films were able to reach hundred million yuan at the box office. Siu Chai said that this time his production was not a co-production but an import. Scheduling for the latter would be at a disadvantage. Yet he hoped to be freer with his creative space, so he would rather make import films.

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