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The Hong Kong Asian Film Festival 2011 will open on October 18, the event yesterday held a press conference to announce the details, Asia new director award nominees and guests.  The opening and closing films LIFE WITHOUT PRINCIPLE (DUET MING GUM) and LET'S GO!  (BO WAI JUI DUI ji CHOOK DUNG LA! PUNG YAU!)'s directors and actors attended.

LIFE's actors Lau Ching Wan, Myolie Wu Hung Yi and others appeared.  Ching Wan said that he saw the film for the first time at the Venice Film Festival and realized that director Johnnie To Kei Fung's production style this time was completely different from before.  The entire film had no gun or action but a lot of dialogue.  The content was all about life in Hong Kong, which he thought was very special.

The recent show business hot topic was more free television station would appear soon, which made the elite on and off screen the poaching target.  Ching Wan said that as an actor he thought it was a good thing so not everyone was limited to work at TVB, ATV or Mainland television.  Was his wife Amy Kwok Oi Ming a target?  He said, "She has always had Mainland offers, only she decided not to work.  (Did she mind
the intimate scenes?)  Nothing I can do, she chose that.  We have an understanding.  No matter what role we have we have to do our best, we can't drag our feet."

Wu Hung Yi admitted that she was a target.  She was surprised to receive a personal offer call but only chatted a little.  She still had several years left on her TVB contract so she did not talk too in depth.  As for outside rumors of paying for earlier contract termination, she said without hesitation.  "Ultimately the company raised me, I have to remember where I came from."  She also said that TVB executive Elaine Lok
Yi Ling did not talk to her perhaps because she knew that she was loyal to the company.

Even if a lot of TVB off screen talent left, Hung Yi was still confident in the company.  "The company has already made adjustments in comparison.  Many people have decided to stay."  As for the multiple level salary jump like Kevin Cheng Ka Wing's rumored 160,000 per episode, Hung Yi joked that at work she would ask him to "treat" and admitted, "Mainland work can't be compared, but I would miss home in Hong Kong.  I can't just look at money.  (would you miss boyfriend Bosco Wong Chung Chak?)  No.  (He said no one approached him, would you make the decision as a couple?)  No."

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