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The Herman Yau Lai To directed, Elanne Kong Yeuk Lam and Chapman To Man Jat starred film GO GUI OI CHING (HIGH LIFT LOVE) two nights ago held a wrap banquet.  In the film Elanne played a weightlifter so she was asked to carry Ah Jat.  Ah Jat's face unexpectedly turned red.  He joked, "With this pose of course I would have a reaction!"  Elanne's birthday would be on the 30th.  The film company made a bar bell cake for her.  The director and Ah Jat even gave her a celebration kiss.

Speaking of the production, Elanne not only had to lose 20 pounds but also due to the fitness beverage powder her skin suffered a reaction.  Now she had to see a Chinese medicine practitioner and lose weight.  She already has lost five to six pounds.  In addition, because she had many weightlifting scenes, she injured her shoulders and hip.  Was she worried about fertility?  She said, "It's not that spot, higher on the hip, only the soft tissue muscle damages."  This time the team even shot at the weightlifting home Shek Lung.  She said, "In the film I have many classmates who in reality are real weightlifters."  She not only gained weight but also strength from the training.  She remembered at the wrap she broke the dressing room door knob.

Because on the day after her birthday she had to work in Dunhuang, she hoped to have a simple meal with her family to celebrate.

Ah Jat revealed that this year he already made eight films, has he made a lot of money?  He joked, "I have always been very poor, my monthly income has been around 15,000 only.  It's lower than 16,000 when I left ATV in 1999.  Because my salary goes directly to my wife, my wife pays me a monthly salary.  My expenses are mainly 'treating' and gas.  (Did you ask your old lady for a raise?)  No, she said that now was a stock market low point and that no flower would blossom forever."

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