Friday, September 23, 2011


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The Peter Chan Ho Sun directed, Donnie Yen Chi Tan, Takeshi Kaneshiro (Gum Sing Mo) and Tang Wei starred WU XIA opened the 6th Chinese Film Festival in Paris.  Chan Ho Sun and Sandra Ng Kwan Yu at the invitation of the Mayor of Paris and legendary French director, Palme d'Or and two time Oscar winner Claude Lelouch attended a welcome party and seminar in Paris.

Participating in their first Chinese and French cultural exchange as a member of the Chinese film representative team, Chan Ho Sun and Ng Kwan Yu arrived in Paris on the 19th and received the enthusiastic welcome from their French film colleagues.  They participated in the Centre national de la cinematographie (CNC) organized Chinese French film discussion panel and its president Eric Garandeau invited them to take part in Chinese French co-productions; later they attended the 6th Paris Chinese Film Festival opening ceremony.  WU XIA opened the festival and received cheers from both Chinese and French viewers.  At the welcome party, Chan Ho Sun said that he was very fortunate to participate in a film event at the home of the New Wave and where film originated.  As a director he always had to walk in front of the audience.  Sometimes he was just right with one step ahead.  Sometimes he walked too fast and viewers might not be able to follow.  Paris has the audience that loves film the most in the world.  "We can even run here without worrying about losing viewers.  Today when the entire world follows Hollywood, we should cherish still having such a space where different expressions are fulfilled equally.  At the same time I also hope to have a chance to work hand in hand with France, try some Chinese French co-production subjects and fly together."

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