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Eva Huang Shengyi and Raymond Lam Fung earlier promoted their film THE SORCERER AND THE WHITE SNAKE (BAK SEH CHUEN SHUET), which will be released simultaneously in Hong Kong and the Mainland.  Lam Fung played Hui Sin but different from the previously cowardly Hui Sin.  This time he would give for White Snake.  Lam Fung said, "Honestly I didn't used to think Hui Sin was a man, but this time he finally gave and made this romance a little more equal."  He directly said that at first he worried that viewers would make comparisons to previous work and did not understand why director Ching Siu Tung would cast him as Hui Sin.  When he learned that the new version would be sunnier and the entire romance would be more balanced, he believed that the life and death scenes would be even more touching.  He joked, "Female viewers absolutely can bring tissues to the movie!"

Ching Siu Tung was a famous action director, but Lam Fung in the film was the only one without any fight scene.  He honestly said that was regrettable.  He said, "The director is known for making martial art very pretty, I too want to learn from him.  Yet at the most I just did wire work and rock climbing."  During the shoot, he said that the most difficult was being in the water.  Actually originally he did not need to get wet but accidentally fell into the lake.  The director thought the visual was decent and finally wanted him to soak in the lake and romance White Snake.  He was all wet for three days.  Lam Fung hoped to work with the director on his next action film because he too wanted to become an action star.  He said, "Romance is more direct with the result, but fight action after editing would be different and may even make myself look better in fights.  (Yet romance is more relaxing?)  Who says?  The last time I injured my neck from a romantic scene."

As White Snake Huang Shengyi said that many action scenes in the film relied on special effect assistance, but she made many preparations as well to avoid too many bad takes.  She also honestly said that working
with Ching Siu Tung was stressful but also very exciting.  She hoped to be able to fight more.  Was she not afraid of injury?  She said that she scratched her finger but a prop bruised her face, but she did not regret making action scenes.  Instead she thought it was very fun because she was able to learn a lot.  She would not succeed just from doing.  In the film she also had many wire scene, in one of which she had to turn in mid air then fly out.  However she turned 20 to 30 times and she was dizzy.  The toughest however was diving head first from ten floors up.  She recalled, "At the time I was very scared but after struggling for several minutes I jumped.  I finally jumped seven or eight times.  Aside from the first time, I wasn't so scared anymore.  That was just psychological."  Speaking of her wardrobe malfunction at the Venice Film Festival, she helplessly said, "I am more careless, the director often asked me why I constantly had accidents."  She joked that Charlene Choi Cheuk Yin taught her some wardrobe malfunction prevention techniques.  I believed soon I would have to ask her for more advice."

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