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Wu Chun and Han Geng earlier accepted TVB Entertainment News interview with Janice Cheung Won Chi to promote their new film MY KINGDOM (DAI MO SUN) and to discuss their most memorable moments from the production in detail.

Han Geng said that the film had especially many action scenes.  A dance expert since childhood, Han Geng has not studied dance in eight years and had to start over with kick training and such.  His muscles could not adjust.  After four days he suffered a thigh muscle tear, he was forced to give up his lower body training and focus on hand and sabre training.  He continued, during the action scene shoot he ran into Barbie Hsu (Tsui Hei Woon)'s hand injury.  He had to be extra careful during the fight scene to keep from injuring her worse.

Speaking of the intimate scene with Big S, he said that at the time Big S' husband was in the make up room so during the production he was very nervous.  Wu Chun joked that Big S' husband was only in the make up room but did not supervise.  Why would he be nervous?  Han Geng awkwardly said that speaking about the intimate scene now already had him sweating nervously again.  Then he praised Big S for her performance that was able to bring him into character.  Wu Chun said that the kiss scene with Annie Yee Nung Jing was a lot of fun!

In addition, Wu Chun and Han Geng both said that the missed the lunches that Sammo Hung Kam Bo personally made for the team.  When asked whether they learned to cook from Hung Kam Bo, they both said that they only knew how to enjoy it and could not learn Big Brother Hung's superb cooking skills.

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