Tuesday, September 20, 2011


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WOMAN KNIGHT OF THE MIRROR LAKE yesterday held a film press conference in Hengzhou.  Aside from director Herman Yau Lai To and lead actress Huang Yi, Qiu Jin's descendants also attended to give recognition and support to the film.

Huang Yi said, "Earlier many people had a misunderstanding of this film, they feared that we only minded the commercial market and vilified Heroine Qiu Jin.  Some also thought that this film was a pure action film that borrowed the name of Heroine Qiu Jin and had no story; actually Yau Lai To used an easy to understand way for viewers to experience the woman's dual identity and at the same time brought out the spirit that Qiu Jin promoted about equality between the sexes, patriotism and family, and sacrificing for the greater good.  This indeed is a good movie that is both historically accurate and entertaining, so I am very honored to be invited to play the role of Heroine Qiu Jin."

Qiu Jin was China's first female revolutionary so when Huang Yi took this role she was not only happy and excited but also had a lot of pressure.  "In order to play this character well, I not only read the director's script in detail but also studied many books and information about Ms. Qiu Jin as I attempted to understand her inner world.  I remembered when I visited Ms. Qiu Jin's tomb last time, I was very emotional inside and my respect grew for her.  Today I am also very happy.  The film finally overcame all the difficulties to be released; although earlier it faced many people's misunderstanding or ran into other unpleasantness, now the film finally with the hard work of the team and all its workers is finally released."  She also said, "In my film career I am able to play this character of Heroine Qiu Jin I truly feel infinitely honored and lucky.  I hope all viewers like this film and at the same time can experience equality between the sexes, and the spirit of patriotism and family."

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