Monday, September 19, 2011


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Cherie Chung Chor Hung two nights ago dressed neutrally for fashion event.  Hung Goo's acting has always been recognized.  Speaking of Deanie Ip Tak Han's Venice Film Festival Best Actress victory, Hung Goo praised her as very talented and the glory of Hong Kong.  However she had no acting bug for now and said that she was not talented as Ip Tak Han.  She did not dare to imagine to hit on first strike like her.

She honestly said that she knew Ip Tak Han and they have worked together before.  She praised her, "She truly is great, she can sing and dance."  Has Hung Goo's acting bug been acting up because of that?  She said that she was happy for her but she never thought about it.  Ip Tak Han was worth being proud of.  Would she want to work with Ann Hui On Wa?  Hung Go said that she did not think of it, but because her second film THE STORY OF WOO VIET was Hui On Wa's film now she still liked the film when she watched it.  She said, "At the time I was just a new comer but I was able to perform."  She said that Hui On Wa would not teach actors how to act and would permit actors to naturally perform.  In recent years she has run into Hui On Wa but they have not talked about working together.

Did Hung Goo have any interest in making a film?  She said that she really never thought about it.  If she was interested she would have made one over ten years ago.  However she still liked to watch movies.  Has she thought about winning with one shot overseas like Ip Tak Han?  She said, "I don't dare, I am not that great.  She really is very talented."  Did she have a dream to win an award before retirement?  She said, "I think I don't need this to find myself.  The most important is a fulfilling life, live meaningfully and contribute to the society."

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