Sunday, September 18, 2011


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Hacken Lee Hak Kun and Fiona Sit Hoi Kei yesterday attended a South China fan practice event.  Fiona led the fan club.  She said, "Earlier I went on the field and played once.  Girls playing a guy sport was pretty girl because girls playing soccer were pretty cool.  (Aren't you afraid of division A legs?)  No, girls shouldn't just focus on shapes, androgynous or healthier would look pretty good too."

Fiona worked with Chapman To Man Jat on a film.  Krystal Tin Yui Nei earlier visited the set, Fiona tried to kiss her and revealed that her love life was very dry.  Fiona clarified that she only kissed her cheek.  Right now she only focused on work.  If four years ago she was asked this question, she would feel very dry.  Now she would rather be single and would not randomly get someone to keep her company, because if she was someone who was not right she would only be emptier than dating.  For now she would choose to be single.

Was she scared off?  She said that she was not scared off.  Only after growing up she wanted to choose clearly.  Right now she would not rush off to get married from dating.  She wanted to find a companion and not a playmate.  She also explained that this was not her experience, just an idea that she had.

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