Sunday, September 18, 2011


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Earlier the Xinhai Revolution commemorative film 72 HEROES (YING HUNG DIP HUET) held its premiere in Guangzhou.  The film's actors Tse Kwan Ho, Liu Kai Chi, Elanne Kong Yeuk Lam, Irene Wan Bik Ha and Eric Tsang Chi Wai walked the red carpet.  TVB executive Elaine Lok Yi Ling led artists in support.  This was Kong Yeuk Lam's first historical subject film.  While promoting in Beijing, her acting received many praises.  That night Kong Yeuk Lam dressed up for the premiere.  In six inch high heels she had to withstand a lot of pain because earlier her weightlifting practice put too much weight on her waist and led to hip pain.  In high heels her pain was even more severe.  In he recent film she had to display her manly side.  She has not worn high heels in a long time, so she could not take it even after half a day.

Kong Yeuk Lam recently gained weight.  She said that after the film promotions she would lose weight.  She said that her appetite increased recently, now she still felt hungry after a bowl of rice.  Her manager has been keeping an eye on her and prohibited her from eating too much.  Speaking of playing a female revolutionary in a man's disguise, Kong Yeuk Lam said it was a lot of fun and hoped to erase her flower vase title.  She said that this subject was very serious.  When she performed she paid a lot of attention and did her homework before taking her mark.  She was the happiest to receive Best Actor Tse Kwan Ho's praise, which truly encouraged her and motivated her to work hard to play every character well.  Kong Yeuk Lam's Guangzhou fans even prepared a cake and gifts to celebrate her birthday at the end of the month in advance.  They also sang the birthday song on the spot, which touched her a lot.

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