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The film 1911 two nights ago held its Nanjing premiere.  Jackie Chan, Li Bingbing, Winston Chao (Chiu Man Suen), Joan Chen and Jaycee Chan (Fong Cho Ming) were among the attendees.  In the film, Jackie Chan and Li Bingbing played revolutionary couple Huang Xing and Xu Zonghan and had many intimate love scenes.  Li Bingbing even described them as very explosive, but finally the director cut them all.  Li Bingbing said, "When I shot the emotional scenes with Jackie Chan, he was very shy, nervous and tense, however we forgot about ourselves and performed."  She even praised Jackie Chan's acting as even more amazing.

Although the passion scene was cut, they were still the couple that caught the most attention in 1911 and even stealing Winston Chao's thunder as Dr. Sun Yat-sen.  Jackie Chan said, "No one would feel who stole whose thunder, at that age, every revolutionary was the lead."  Jackie Chan joked that before making this film he had no idea who Huang Xing was.

In the past, Jackie Chan was concerned that being accused of helping his son Fong Cho Ming and avoided working with him.  Cho Ming in 1911 played a revolutionary captain.  Jackie Chan said, "After THE KARATE KID, I saw Will Smith helping his son without any reservation.  French director was the same way.  I instead asked why I would be so traditional and avoided it?"  However, Jackie Chan only gave Cho Ming's performance 20 points.  He said, "Cho Ming worked on the film in negative 20 degrees Celsius, he was bundled up like a zong!"

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