Thursday, September 15, 2011


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In commemoration of the Xinhai Revolution's 100th anniversary, the film 72 HEROES (YING HUNG DIP HUET) yesterday held a screening and press conference in Beijing.  Attendees included Best Actor Tse Kwan Ho, Liu Kai Chi, Irene Wan Bik Ha and Elanne Kong Yeuk Lam.  Elanne who flew to Beijing to two days of promotion said that she was very happy about the rare change to work with Best Actor Tse Kwan Ho for the first time.  She said, "This time I was able to work with many veteran actors, I truly was very happy and very nervous.  Normally on the set I would sneak a peek at Brother Kwan Ho's acting.  On the set I already thought he was amazing.  When I was watching the movie just now he completely moved me, I couldn't help but cry.'  Although she cried as she watched, through this film Elanne had even deeper understanding of the Xinhai Revolution and hoped that through this film a new generation would understand its history.

Elanne also revealed that she had quite a connection with director Derek Chiu Sung Kei.  Before she joined the business, the company arranged for her to work as a production assistant on a Mainland television series.  At the time the director was Chiu Sung Kei.  Later he even gave her the chance to play a small role in the series and made her understand what acting was.  Later many opportunities followed.  The 30th would be Elanne's birthday.  During an online interview the host suddenly gave her cactus for her birthday gift.  Tse Kwan Ho, Wan Bik Ha and others also sent well wishes, which made her very happy.  She said, "I am very surprised!  I really didn't expect this, thank you very much everyone."  Her birthday wish was for this movie to introduce more people to China.  She also looked forward to its Hong Kong release and good box office very much.  The film today will be released nationwide and later will participate in the Hong Kong China Film Festival.

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