Saturday, September 10, 2011


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DaDa Chen Jing and Stephanie Cheng Yung two nights ago promoted their new film LAN KWAI FONG (HEI OI YEH PO) with an audience appreciation at the cinemas.  Jeana Ho Pui Yu reportedly asked the director for more screen time.  DaDa supported that Jeana was not that type of person and even saw Jeana as a friend for life.  Thus she would not worry that this matter would affect their friendship.  She said, "Earlier due to picture book promotions everyone had some misunderstanding.  Maybe each person handled matters differently.  When we made this film we were not longer at odds.  We even became friends.  After the shoot we are still in contact.  For me a friend is for life, I would treat her as a friend."

Did Cheng Yung mind that she was not in the promotional poster?  She said that not only did she not mind, she also thanked the director for her sexy slimming product poster from years ago for the film's actresses to study.  Did she already decline to be sexy?  She said, "My sexy peak has already passed, but it hasn't expired.  I just want to rest a little, I don't want to be sexy at every moment."

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