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Andy Tak conducts a Cable interview in Cantonese
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The 68th Venice Film Festival has already entered its final stage as the awards will be unveiled on the 10th.  The Ann Hui On Wa directed, Andy Lau Tak Wa and Deanie Ip Tak Han starred A SIMPLE LIFE (TOH JEH) held its premiere in Venice and received rave reviews.  Ip Tak Han was even seen as the Best Actress favorite.  Yesterday A SIMPLE LIFE received the Italian government's Ministry of Equal Opportunities' Award for the Equal Opportunities in honor of the film highlighting women and minorities' position in the society.  The award presentation took place last night.

This time A SIMPLE LIFE won because the Italian government's Ministry of Equal Opportunities pointed out the Ip Tak Han played maid Sister Peach was the representative of women and minorities.  Sister Peach came from a poor family and has worked for Roger's family as a maid since she was young, but she never felt any self pity because of that.  She even spent her lifetime to take care of Roger's family.  In her old age due to illness she even moved into a senior home herself, but Roger still did not abandon her and even took her to revisit their old home and attend premieres, in turn expressing women's position in the society has received respect and recognition.

Director Hui On Wa received the award from Venice Film Festival chair Marco Muller and was very excited about receiving the award.  She said, "This award undoubtedly gave me a shot of confidence, I thank very much everyone's support of A SIMPLE LIFE and also hoped that Sister Deanie would be able to win the Venice Film Festival Best Actress as the favorite."  Wa Jai and Ip Tak Han was also excited about the film receiving the recognition from everywhere.  Lau Tak Wa said that he received this good news, which definitely encouraged the cast and crew of A SIMPLE LIFE and also proved that this film caught the attention of the film festival.  He looked forward to more good news to come and hoped that his three birthday wishes, including the film winning Best Picture, Best Director and Best Actress, would come true.

This award was just added last year.  The goal was to encourage and honor filmmakers' concern for equal opportunities.  A SIMPLE LIFE was the second film to receive the award.

In addition, Lau Tak Wa and Ip Tak Han accepted a Cable interview in Venice.  Lau Tak Wa early in the year caused a storm due to his choice of language on a Cable interview, this time Wa Jai accepted the Cable
interview in Cantonese and talked about working with Ip Tak Han.  They have already worked together on their tenth film.  Ip Tak Han praised Wa Jai as all grown up, his acting has become more and more intricate.  In addition he worked hard, so he truly deserved the love.  In the past they mostly played mother and son, what characters would they like to play next?  They unexpectedly joked, "We can be a couple!"

A SIMPLE LIFE also had many superstar cameos, did Wa Jai used up all of his favors?  Lau Tak Wa said that it was nothing special, everyone heard and said OK.  They very naturally came to help.  Wa Jai earlier
invested in GALLANTS (DA LUI TOI), which had a performance to be proud of.  Would Wa Jai focus on investing in such films?  He said that film should be differentiated as minority and majority, but some larger publicly traded film companies had to answer to their books and executives might choose to make big films with box office guarantees.  He often joked with those bosses and asked them to open another company that specializes in minority films and lose money along with him.  Everyone said great.

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