Friday, September 9, 2011


Charlie Yeung
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Director Oxide Pang Shun and Angelica Lee Sinjie's first film after their marriage, the suspense film SLEEPWALKER 3D (MUNG YAU 3D) will open in November.  This time they even invited Sinjie's buddy Charlie Yeung Choi Nei and Mainland actress Huo Siyan to perform.  In the film Sinjie played a woman who sleepwalked and suspected that she killed her former husband while sleepwalking.

The film's first poster was unveiled earlier.  The design was ingenious.  In order to express the sleepwalking and unconscious effects, the poster used some blurry human head images while Sinjie had a baffled look on her face as she stared at her blood covered hands to coordinate with the slogan "finding the culprit in dream".  This time was Pang Shun and Sinjie's third film.  Pang Shun said that it was already a piece of cake for them.  Sinjie also said that they already had great chemistry, but this time the character was darker than before so during the
performance she had a lot of pressure.  Luckily they would communicate on and off the set.  At the same time she had good friend Yeung Choi Nei in the cast and made the production atmosphere even lighter.

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