Tuesday, July 12, 2011


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LOVE IN SPACE (CHUEN KAU YIT LUEN) yesterday released the Aaron Kwok Fu Sing and Rene Liu (Lau Yeuk Ying) in a space station photo and unveiled the story behind the most difficult kiss scene. Lau Yeuk Ying said that the biggest challenge this time was the wire work,
completely relying on limbs and expressions in weightlessness. It was an enormous challenge to her performance.

Lau Yeuk Ying said, "After the first day of wire work, when I came down and heard the director said once more I wanted to cry. It wasn't because I had pressure inside and didn't want to, I just felt like my body really couldn't take it." Kwok Fu Sing revealed, "I fell in love at first sight with the astronaut scene in LOVE IN SPACE. This was a very lucky character, right after reading the script I was looking forward to the production starting sooner. However it was actually shot, I was still a little frightened. The kiss was different from on earth. In space we floated. When we kissed it was even more romantic, but as we worked, when we kissed we didn't know where we floated to! This romantic floating in space kiss scene was hot on wires for six hours. Finally we captured the most touching shot, but this was also the most difficult kiss in my career."

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