Saturday, March 28, 2015


Miriam Yeung is happy that LITTLE BIG MASTER has made over HK$ 10 million
Kay Tse says that her son is in charge of environmental protection at home
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Miriam Yeung Chin Wa, Kay Tse On Kay and Julian Cheung Chi Lam last night attended an "Earth Hour" event as ambassadors. Chin Wa said that she told her husband to take their son outside to turn off the lights for a hour. Her film LITTLE BIG MASTER (NG GOR SIU HAI DIK HAU JEUNG) as of yesterday has made over HK$ 10 million. Chin Wa was happy for the film. At first she took it to be considerate and for the next generation, but he never thought that it would have such an overwhelming response. To be able to finish everyone's dream, she was very happy that the general public accepted their good intention. She attended many events for the film. She got something out of it while sharing her experience from the film as well. Chin Wa said, "I will wait until my son is older before showing it to him again."


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Candy Yuen says that she is popular in the Mainland
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Candy Yuen Ka Man yesterday appeared at an event. Since the promotional period ended for the film THE GIGOLO (NGAP WONG), Yuen Ka Man began to "retreat from the world". She was rumored to be emotionally unstable and ballooning up. She said that since THE GIGOLO was released on video, the Mainland audience reaction has been decent and she has received many Mainland appearance offers.

Candy revealed that someone was asking her for her prices. "Someone always has approached me through text messages or social network platforms. Once I was offered several hundred thousand for dinner. I wouldn't reply to any of those. However someone being interested in you was better than telling you to get lost."

Candy continued, currently she was in negotiation for two Hong Kong films. Will she continue to be sexy? She said, "They will have such elements, but Hong Kong doesn't have too many topless scenes."


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Yesterday Taiwan otaku goddess Fried Chicken Girl (Ili Cheng), Sharon Hsu, Rainy Kuo, Sophia Wang, Riva Chang and others promoted their new film ONE NIGHT IN TAIPEI (TOI BUT YEH YAU TUEN TUEN JUEN). Once at war online, Fried Chicken Girl and Sophia Wang yesterday posed for photos together and said that they had no dispute between them. Fried Chicken Girl said, "No! I am very forgetful."

Friday, March 27, 2015


Maggie Cheung appears at a Louis Vuitton event in Beijing
Song Jia is no match for the elder Maggie Cheung
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Tang Wei is in a good mood at the MONSTER HUNT Beijing press conference
Wallace Chung hits the wall with Jing Boran to amuse the crowd
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Tang Wei, Jing Boran, Wallace Chung Han Leung two days ago attended the film MONSTER HUNT's Beijing press conference. After recasting and reshooting due to Kai Ko Chen-Tung's drug case, the film has finally been confirmed for a mid July release. When Jing Boran replaced Ko Chen-Tung, Bai Baihe admitted that she performed twice. However the team had no comment about Ko Chen-Tung.

Tang Wei was in a good mood and kept jumping around with child star Sen Die. The host had to remind her that she was a goddess. She said that in the film she was not a goddess but a female bandit. She and Yao Chen played demon slayers. She thought her first costume comedy was a lot of fun. Chung Han Leung at everyone's urge "hit the wall" with Jing Boran and laughter was ceaseless.


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Annie Liu wants to work with Joey Yung and get an autograph!
Wilfred Lau works with Annie Liu for the first time
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Stephy Tang Lai Yun yesterday attended the film DUNG TAP HA DIK LUEN YUN (LOVERS UNDER THE LIGHTHOUSE) in Macau. In the film she and Wong Yau Nam played feuding lovers, Joyce Cheng Yun Yi would have a crush on Yau Nam as well to form a love triangle. Stephy for the first time worked with Yau Nam and talked about an intimate scene. She nervously said, "In the script we would make out after drinking, the performance of which would be wilder and more daring. We haven't talked about how far we will take it. Because we are as close as brothers, I am worried that it would be awkward and we won't be able to hold back our laughter." Reporters suggested that she rehearsed with her boyfriend Alex Fong Lik Sun. She felt that it has been years since she worked on such a scene. In addition her relationship with Siu Fong was simple and not crazy, they did not have too much experience in this area. She did not want to mix up her personal life with her character, as an actor she was able to remain in control and make adjustments.

Miki Yeung Oi Kun announced that she accepted her boyfriend's wedding proposal and will wed next year at the soonest. As her friend Stephy wanted to leave it to her friend to personally announce the good news, she was both happy for and supportive of her. She has already agreed to be in her wedding party. As for her own wedding date, Stephy stressed that she had no plan yet. She would not eliminate the possibility of a sudden wedding overseas, the most important was to avoid scheduling conflict with friends. She also revealed that she did not schedule weddings with her friends, but they have an agreement to become mothers together to share the experience.

Annie Liu (Lau Sum Yau) and Wilfred Lau Ho Lung worked together for the first time on a film. She would play the school director and a couple with Si Hing. Sum Yau felt that she had a connection with Si Hing and even welcomed his girlfriend Joey Yung Cho Yi to visit. She said, "He is Lau Lung, I am Lau Yau; coincidentally on the day when he was caught dating, we were also attending the same event. I feel we have quite a connection! In the film we don't seem to have any intimate scene, even if we do we don't have to avoid it because he has a girlfriend. Of course I welcome Joey to visit, because the team has many people who like her. I want to work with her too and ask her for an autograph!" Sum Yau once met Joey at Yumiko Cheng Hei Yi's birthday party. They were not close, if Si Hing and she wed she would congratulate them.


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New director Lau Ho Leung's crime film TWO THUMBS UP (CHUNG FUNG CHEH) will open in April. Lead actor Simon Yam Tat Wa, Francis Ng Chun Yu and Patrick Tam Yiu Man earlier accepted the cable program Film Montage's interview and shared the memorable production experience.

Yam Tat Wa said that he admired the director's ideas. This film was full of dark humor. The director wanted to tell the audience about the conflict between human nature and appearance. Many thought the police was righteous but actually under the police uniform they might be robbers. Brother Wa said that the most memorable scene was having to slap a child actor. That girl did not know about the slap before hand and they had a great relationship. After the slap, she did not talk to him for three days. He felt guilty about it and worried that she would be scarred and afraid of men. Luckily the child actor was full of acting experience and in the end they were fine.

As for working with new director Lau Ho Leung, Ng Chun Yu joked that he and Brother Wa were the new director's favorites because they did not complain much. Later when this group of directors rose to fame they would work with them again, which would turn into a long term deal. Tam Yiu Man in the film had many "wire" scenes, which he said was tough. The exhaustion from being hung for several hours was trivial, the worst part was during his shoot the entire team went to have roast pig and buffet. He was the only one left to keep shooting.