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BabyJohn jokes that he would not get in the way of Joyce Cheng meeting French guys
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Joyce Cheng Yun Yi and BabyJohn Choi Hong Yik yesterday promoted their film 29+1 in Causeway Bay and gave away tofu desserts and steamed rice cup cakes. BabyJohn said that luckily it did not rain. He was even happier about being able to be in close distance contact with the people. He hoped that when the film would be released on May 11th the audience would line up as well. BabyJohn also said that recently he has spent more than on audience appreciation events at the cinemas than at home, thus he wanted to keep going.

Yun Yi with 29+1 was in competition at the Nice Film Festival. She would attend as a learning experience. Would she like to meet a French boyfriend? She said that she was shy. The French was indeed very romantic but Hong Kong people ultimately preferred Chinese dishes.

Speaking Jennifer Tse Ting Ting's father Patrick Tse Yin urging her to marry, Yun Yi said, "That's normal. She is six years older than me. That's right, hurry up!" Sei Gor said that Ting Ting was already old. Yun Yi helped out and said that Ting Ting could have a lot of choices. As for Yun Yi herself her father Adam Cheng Siu Chau did not rush her to wed. She also did not date secretly, stating that if she had good news she would definitely share it.


Jason Pai says that Philip Ko was a determined cancer fighter
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Philip Ko's son Jamie stares at his father's photo
Ben Ng says that Philip Ko shared what he knew to the younger generations without holding anything back
Vincent Wan is arranging for a home for Philip Ko's son
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Famous martial art actor Philip Ko Fei (originally named Lam Pak Hung) earlier passed away at age 67. Yesterday his family began services for him in Po Fook Hill. The ceremony was Buddhist. Industry insiders Vincent Wan Yeung Ming, Ben Ng Ngai Cheung, Chung Fai, Ting Yu, Jason Pai Piao and former soccer player Cheung Chi Tak came to send their friend on his final journey.

Having known Ko Fei for years, Wan Yeung Ming revealed that years ago he already knew that he had health problems. After learning about his friend's death he called his son and realized that Ko Fei's son lived alone in Tai Po after a stroke. He immediately called a Regional Council member for help. During the funeral preparation he found out that Ko Fei's final wish was for his son to be able to take care of himself. Thus the first task would be finding a doctor to treat him. Wan Yeung Ming said, "I feel that Jamie is bipolar. Actually social services has always followed his case, but he left home and lost contact. I hope he can understand that we mean well."

Ng Ngai Cheung returned from the Mainland to bid his good friend farewell. He said, "Ko Fei was my mentor. When I was at ATV he asked me to make several movies. He was the first to offer my a leading man role."


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Michelle Wai recommends a stock to Carlos Chan, who ends up taking a bath after buying it
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The 20th anniversary of the Hong Kong Hand Over commemorative set release took place yesterday. The Hong Kong Special Administrative Region chief executive Leung Chun Ying attended and gave a speech. Show business representatives Kara Wai Ying Hung, Michelle Wai Sze Nga, Carlos Chan Ka Lok and Vincy Chan (Wing Yi) showed their support.

Sister Siu Hung has been busy with her Fox series but still took time to celebrate her third Hong Kong Film Award Best Actress award with more dinners on the way. Sister Siu Hung next month will serve on the Taipei Film Festival jury and will have to watch all 60 movies in ten days. In the past she has srved of many Mainland film festival juries, her standard would be watching the actors' acting, the difficulty of their character interpretation, and whether they surpass they past performance quality. Since she won the Hong Kong Film Award Best Actress again, would she challenge difficult scripts? Sister Siu Hung said, "Actually my standards haven't changed, but I would challenge the difficult. Next year I would have two movie releases, one was shot in Taiwan and could charge at the Golden Horse Award!" She admitted that she has never learned to turn down roles. She would not mind helping out with small productions and new directors, but she would still have to eat. "It's impossible for you to have shark fin while I have vermicelli, but I don't know how to say no either. I can only force myself to say no action films because I already have a lot of injuries. I don't want to harm myself further so I have to be selective. Please don't make it harder for me anymore!"

Friday, April 21, 2017


Alex Lam, Cecilia So
Janice Man
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Carina Lau donates her horse race winnings to charity
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Carina Lau says that Aaron Kwok is a "long distance runner" as she does not expect him to wed in such a short time.
Janice Man
Karena Lam
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Cherie Chung at a LV flagship store opening
Rosamund Kwan would not consider a duet with Andy Lau
Julian Cheung calls his photo with Rosamund Kwan and Cherie Chung a milestone of his life
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Christine Fan looks FROZEN
Li Ronghao announces his new record release in May
Twins win Best Asian group

Vincy Chan
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Jackie Chan urges young people to persist with their dreamscourtesy of
Jackie Chan denies that he was threatened and blackmailed, but says twice that he has nothing to be upset about.
Jackie Chan finally speaks about his daughter
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After finishing her concert, Joey Yung will visit Japan with her mother
Gillian Chung will work on an idol series in June while Charlene Choi will work on a suspense film in July
Leo Ku goes to Macau for the award and jokes that he has to make the late boat back to make a baby at home.
Rene Liu's voice is hoarse from the flu.  She admits that she is more nervous about performing than winning an award
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Leo Ku, Joey Yung
Jackie Chan brings his pandas

The 21st Channel V Global Chinese Chart of Charts and Asian Influence Awards presented 45 awards two nights ago. Almost all attending singers received 2 awards. The Chart of Charts Best Male and Female Singer Hong Kong winners were Joey Yung Cho Yi and Hacken Lee Hak Kun. Jackie Chan received two awards. He stll had two panda dolls with him back stage. Jackie Chan said that he already wanted to auction them off after 5 years, but so far after 7 years he was still reluctant to part with them. Someone offered 20 million yuan but wanted a celebrity photo collection with them.

Jackie Chan's Clearwater Bay studio was put in emcumbrances due to trailer addition without authorization last year. Jackie Chan said, "Don't make a big deal out of something trivial. The matter is in the lawyers' hands. Because I am away from Hong Kong for long periods, sometimes it would be handed to others to make movies. I don't know about what they build. I didn't come back and look, but I know the matter will follow the law to the T. (Has any film production been affected?) No, I rarely make movies in Hong Kong. I want to, but Hong Kong has less sets and can't block off streets. If I use blue or green screen I would try to return to Hong Kong."

Jackie Chan became the focus after Elaine Ng Yi Lei and her daughter's relationship reached a new low. Earlier Ng Yi Lei held a press conference and said that she has never taken a cent from Jackie Chan to raise her daughter, which led to a strong response from Mrs. Charles Heung Wa Keung. She sad that Jackie Chan was loving and loyal, revealing tha Jackie Chan has cried in front of her many times. Jackie Chan spoke about the issue for the first time.

Speaking of Mrs. Heung's support, Jackie Chan said, "I haven't read about it yet. I don't read gossip so I have a lot less trouble. (Mrs. Heung said that you cried in an embrace with her?) Thank you. (Have you read the news about Cheuk Lam?) I don't read gossip, I don't go online, that way I would have a lot less problems. Now I am focusing on movies and myself."

Was he upset that the past was brought up again? Jackie Chan said, "No, now what would I be upset about? (Aren't you afraid that you would be affected?) It would be like that for the rest of my life, always." Mrs. Heung said that Jackie Chan was threatened and extorted. Jackie Chan avoided the subject. "People are waiting back there." He took a few steps before turning around and said, "Now I don't have much to be upset about. I even won an Oscar, what else do I get to be upset about?"