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Chow Yun Fat talks about Occupy Central on his walk.  His heart obviously belongs to his home, Hong Kong.
Chow Yun Fat waves to the police vehicles passing by during his interview like a "Hong Kong peace ambassador"
Chow Yun Fat parks his car on Jordan Road then heads to his favorite osteopathy clinic
Chow Yun Fat is in great shape
Chow Yun Fat urges the students to go home and think, since everyone already understands how pure their hearts are
A Wall Street Journal article compares Chow Yun Fat and Jackie Chan's stance during Occupy Central
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After over a month of "Occupy Movement", seemingly there is no one or no way to urge the protesters to leave the premises. Yesterday a Ming Pao Daily reporter ran into Chow Yun Fat and asked him about his support of students during early "Occupy" and his view of the movement now. Fat Gor was also was rumored to be one of the artists who will be banned for supporting the Occupy movement with comments or action, but Wong Jing has already supported Fat Gor and said that he did not support Occupy Central. He only cared about the students.

C: Chow Yun Fat, R: Reporter

R: Recently the Mainland has been rumored to ban Occupy Central artists, what do you think?

C: I have already talked about that before.

R: How do you see the current "Occupy Movement"?

C: I feel on a certain level, I agree with what CU (Chinese University) president Shum Cho Hiu (Joseph Sung) said, it is time for students to go home and think for awhile. Everyone already know how pure their hearts are. I feel President Shum said that very well. I am not able to express what he said, but I agree with it.

R: Wong Jing supported you and said that you didn't support Occupy Central, you were only sympathetic toward the students and against violence. On the other hand (Anthony) Wong Chau Sun also said that he supported what you said, if the Mainland bans you, you would just make less. Chau Sun said that he would reduce his salary to make Hong Kong films?

C: I won't talk about that. Right now I hope for the government and the students to have a proper communication channel to resolve this matter. Actually over the past month, everyone has seen that everyday life has been affected. I hope students would have their wisdom and should properly go home and think about what they should do next. I also hope that the government would have a good program to consult with them so everyone would have a complete ending.

R: What do you anticipate for Hong Kong?

C: I want Hong Kong to have a better tomorrow, I wish for Heaven to bless Hong Kong with continuing prosperity and stability.

Fat Gor then proceeded to wave ahead, as a police vehicle just passed by. The officers inside saw him and greeted him, and Fat Gor waved back. At this time the "People's Chief Executive" Fat Gor was like the "People's Peace Ambassador".


Vic Chou has not worked on a Hong Kong production in a long time, thus when he made DON'T GO BREAKING MY HEART 2 he needed time to adjust and "felt like running into a wall".
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Vic Chou Yu Man worked on the men's uno cover and interview. Speaking of playing a new nice guy who is innocent and persistent in love in his new film DON'T GO BREAKING MY HEART 2 (DAN SUN NAM NUI 2), he said that grasping the character's personality was not too difficult. The biggest challenge was that he has not participated in a Hong Kong production format in awhile and took some getting used to. He felt like "running into a wall".


Shi Yanneng hopes to display the soul of kung fu on screen
Fellow Shaolin disciples Wang Baoqiang and Shi Yanneng demonstrate real kung fu the audience
Teddy Chan and Shi Yanneng salute the Hong Kong action film cast and crew
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Hong Kong Film Award winning director Teddy Chan Tak Sum mixes kung fu and criminal investigation into the Emperor film KUNG FU JUNGLE (YUT GOR YUN DIK MO LUM), displaying to the audience realistic fight scenes while saluting the casts and crews of action films! Shi Yanneng made 11 straight kicks in one take against the kung fu obsessed Wang Baoqiang and displayed his Shaolin background!

Both Shaolin disciples, "Leg King" Shi Yanneng and the villain Wang Baoqiang in KUNG FU JUNGLE demonstrated their real kung fu. Yanneng even made 11 kicks straight to show off his skills. "I said to Baoqiang, certain in one take straight. We were particularly excited because we were able to spar on camera. Those 11 kicks were very powerful, I kicked d hard and he kept on blocking and dodging. In the end we really did it in one take!" He even revealed that director Chan Tak Sum once was afraid that he would injure his co-star and considered recasting, but he in the end was still the best choice.

As for the Hong Kong Film Award winning director Chan Tak Sum, he chose to reunite with the "Strongest in the Universe" Donnie Yen Chi Tan after BODYGUARDS AND ASSASSINS (SUP YUET WAI SING). He praised Yen Chi Tan for being more mature than five years ago and displayed his elder presence. "He was much more solid. He knew that he was the strongest in the universe. If his co-stars weren't the strongest in the solar system it would be meaningless. Thus he put all the best on Wang Baoqiang." Once stated openly that this film was a salute to action film casts and crews, Chan Tak Sum said that KUNG FU JUNGLE was an accident. "I have always been looking for a chance to show foreigners and the post 90s, that since the group of people who launched Hong Kong action films internationally since the 60s all performed their own stunts!" He lamented the gradual decline of the Hong Kong martial art world and anted the audience to understand the pain of studying martial arts. "Yet it is very entertaining, very pleasing to the eyes and the heart. Kung fu and the cast merge in the investigation, and the fights were fought without holding anything back!" He also revealed that someone during the London premiere could not help but screamed.


James Hung is happy to receive various film festival awards
Tin Kai Man and Ronald Cheng lend James Hung a helping hand
THE SEVENTH LIE has an unique story telling method
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James Hung Ling Ching may be a first time director, but he has won awards in Philadelphia, Los Angeles and Barcelona. He humbly said, "Actually I didn't make the movie or participate in film festivals for awards, but we don't have any big company support, a lot of promotional budget. I wanted the audience to know about our movie, so I thought of film festivals."

James continued, "I am very happy to receive recognition. Earlier I went to Taiwan to attend a screening and found that the audience had their own opinions. The U.S. audience felt that the film felt like an U.S. series, the people of Spain asked if Hong Kong people really cared about continuing the family line? Taiwan audience was surprised how at my age I was able to write a story that span three generations. I hope Hong Kong viewers would like my film style and give new directors more support."

As for lying, James had a deep experience and even agreed with English writer Ian Leslie's BORN LIARS: WHY WE CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT DECEIT. James said, "Lying doesn't need to be taught. People have already known how to lie since they were very little, for example they obviously didn't finish their dinners yet but they would say they did just to get ice cream. Living in a group you have to know your role and what attitude to use. The older you get, the more roles you play. You would have even more lies to handle this world and don't need to deliberately studying lying. People are organisms that would lie on their own."

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Bai Bing, Donnie Yen, Chin Kar Lok, Yuen Bun
Albert Yeung
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Donnie Yen never claims a cent before for all his injuries
Angela Tong and Chin Kar Lok
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Donnie Yen Chi Tan, Bai Bing, Christie Chen (Si Xuan), Jessica Wong Ka Wai and director Teddy Chan Tak Sum two nights ago attended the film KUNG FU JUNGLE (YUT GOR YUN DIK MO LUM) premiere. The premiere was a fund raiser for the Hong Kong Stuntman Association. Chin Kar Lok was the president, Chan Tak Sum was a founder and they asked many artists to make donations. Two nights ago Chin Kar Lok's wife Angela Tong Ying Ying, Joe Cheung Tung Cho and a group of action actors attended.

Yen Chi Tan said that the premiere was very meaningful. He has acted for 32 years and this time he saw many old friends and brought back a lot of memories. He said that he has donated to the association. Would he ask others to? He said that the most important was to mean well, the amount did not matter. Chi Tan would be the association's honorary consultant. Chi Tan said that lately he has been busy with films, the soonest he would have time off will be in December. He said that sometimes he wanted to participate in his children's education. His 7 year old son was learning Tae Kwan Do and Mixed Martial Arts. He wanted to roll around on the ground (wrestled with his son. When his daughter studied singing he wanted to sing along too. Would he teach his son kung fu? He said that for now he has not had the time. He would first let him come in contact with it with an instructor. He also said that once he and his son were playing MMA, his son almost choked him out. However he was rather happy to get close to his son like this. Would he support his son to become an action star? He said, "It's too early to say, but I won't eliminate this possibility."

Chin Kar Lok was the Hong Kong Stuntman Association president. He said that two nights ago a 86 year old first generation stunt actor attended. Kar Lok thanked Chan Tak Sum for giving the most effort to the association. Chan Tak Sum said that because a production assistant had an accident on his set, he paid particular attention to stunt actors. H said that now around HK$ 3 million has been raised with more to come. Kar Lok said that to add transparency, he has already invited Ng See Yuen and Cheung Tung Cho to be in charge of this sum. They would have to account for and approve every cent. Chan Tak Sum said, "I am very happy. Mainland's Huang Xiaoming, Taiwan's (Eddie) Peng Yu-Yen, (Stanley) Tong Kwai Lai, (Janice) Man Wing Shan, (Barbara) Wong Chun Chun and others all have donatd money." Speaking of Shu Qi donating more than Andy Lau Tak Wa, Chan Tak Sum said that he did not want to talk about that. He did not want to be divisive since everyone meant well. Bai Bing said that earlier she attended the London Film Festival and the response was good. Foreign media thought that she was an action actor. She said, "Actually this time I trained for three months before the shoot. It was beyond tough." She said that although her husband's heart ached, he still supported her acting.


Law Chung Him, Evelyn Choi, Anjaylia Chan, James Hung
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Wylie Chiu, Law Chung Him
Josie Ho does not know if she will receive a TVB anniversary award nomination
Philip Keung cannot be happier about the launch of HKTV
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New director James Hung Ling Ching directed the film THE SEVENTH LIE (DAI CHUT FONG YIN), which held its premiere two nights ago. Its actors Josie Ho Chiu Yi, Law Chung Him, Alex Lam Tak Shun and Philip Keung Ho Man attended. Other guests included Wylie Chiu Shek Chi, Melvin Wong Kam Sun and Chiu Nga Chi.

Him Jai was asked about his role. He joked, "Miscellaneous, like a driver, a murderer, a part time boyfriend and others. (Did you have to show off your muscles?) I had a back tattoo, but it was fake. I didn't dare to get a real one." In the film he was sloppy. He joked that the new director was looking for a breakthrough. He himself was vain but this time he was happy that he did not have to perform with makeup or shave. Everyday he could save two hours to sleep in. As for intimate scenes, he admitted that he had a kiss scene with Taiwan actress Peggy Tseng Pei-Yu. The bed scene was briefly glanced over. Did he have to give his girlfriend Tavia Yeung Yi any advanced warning? He said, "I never need to, actors always have this type of scenes. We have to be mentally prepared."

Chiu Yi's recent TVB series TOMORROW IS ANOTHER DAY is a hit. She did not know how its rating was, but on the streets many people called her by her character name. Thus she believed that the rating was decent. The series will air its two hour finale on Friday. She has already asked her co-stars to have dinner and watch the ending on Weibo, but nothing has been confirmed yet. Would she look forward to a TVB anniversary award nomination? Chiu Yi said that she did not know if she would be nominated, but she has already agreed to vote for Vincent Wong Ho Shun because they were paired together in the series.

In addition, Shek Chi two nights ago came to support Ronald Cheng Chung Kei but he was absent. She said, "Lately I worked with Cheng Chung Kei on a film, so I came to show my support." Signing with a new management company, she said that in the future she will focus on films. She also praised the new company's arrangements, they had room to negotiate so she was very pleased. Did the old company's arrangement upset her? She said, "Don't bring that up again, now I have more time to rest and run a business with my family. (What business?) I can't say yet because I don't know if my family wants to yet."

Speaking of being caught with her soccer player boyfriend Landon, Shek Chi joked, "As I get older, I am more generous. I remember in my 20 years I dated for four years and no one knew. It was very well hidden and felt like a torture of my boyfriend. Now I rather enjoy being with my boyfriend, I even feel that I am late to enjoy it. We have been dating for less than half a year. Although we are very compatible, we still need time observe each other to see if we are right for marriage." She even revealed that in order to support Chung Kei, she missed her boyfriend's match.


Chrissie Chau is star struck to see Francis Ng
Ella Koon "sarcrifices" her beauty for her role
Francis Ng, Vincent Kok, Ronald Cheng
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Ronald Cheng
Josie Ho, Chrissie Chau, Candy Yu and Ella Koon
Fans ask Francis Ng for autographs
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The film HOSUE OF WOLVES (NGOK YUN GUK) yesterday held its production start ceremony. Attending actors included Francis Ng Chun Yu, Ronald Cheng Chung Kei, Chrissie Chau Sau Na, Ella Koon Yun Na and Babyjohn Choi Hong Yik. Cheng Chung Kei and Ella yesterday appeared in costumes as the outdated village chief and the stained teeth village woman.

Ronald had to play the village chief so he got a darker tan. He even added pads to his shirt and added a high waist belt to look outdated. He admitted that high waist pants and shoulder pads were rather gross. This time he worked with Candy Yu On On for the first time, he did not expect her to be willing to play a village woman. She in the film often called him a jerk and he never expected her to be so funny. In addition Ronald's wife is expectant in February. He said that he will work until the end of November. Because he could not return to Hong Kong in time for the birth of his first daughter and he regretted it, this time he would stop working in advance. He has already prepared to go to the delivery room with his wife, cut the umbilical cord and shoot videos. He even bought a new camera to practice. He originally wanted to bring his daughter into the delivery room, but the hospital did not approve that. Would he have another one? He joked that he would leave it to nature because one daughter was already very noisy. Adding another child would be even noisier. He would not deliberately try for another.

Ella for this film spent two hours on makeup to look ugly, but she felt it was a lot of fun as she did not need to play pretty every time. Speaking of working with Chun Yu, she looked forward to it very much. However she has not had any scene with him yet. Chau Sau Na this time was a guest star. She admitted that she took this film because of Chun Yu. She hoped to be able to get a photo with him but she has not have a chance yet. Chun Yu was neurotic, was she afraid that he might yell at her? She said that she was not because she was neurotic too. Getting yelled at was even better, as she would be able to learn.