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Eddie Peng's crash is more than just an act
Eddie Peng and Shawn Dou (right) become good friends during the filming
Dante Lam (center) praises Eddie Peng (right) as invaluable
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Eddie Peng Yu-Yan spent only 15 days before the production on physical training for his Emperor new film TO THE FORE (POR FUNG). He said, "In comparison to professional athletes, I am no big deal. At the time I just finished playing Wong Fei Hung, I was bigger. Then I trained in Hong Kong and lost weight to coordinate with real cyclist's slim figure. I reduced muscle content, the goal was to be a size smaller but strengthen my leg muscle training."

Speaking of the Taichung scene, "Demon Director" Lam Chiu Yin arranged for Eddie and Taiwan actor Cliff Cho to race one on one on a hill. Eddie suffered a surprise attack and was injured all over. Eddie said, "In this scene I had to crash hard. There wasn't much protection I could take. My helmet was my friend. At least I wasn't dazed from the crash, only my shoulder and my bottom were scratched. Those places don't need help from the make up artist." Speaking of his cycling suit being ripped up, Eddie joked, "During the entire scene I had a very cool ride, the wind directly went on my rear."

Eddie also joked that he was "upset" at Director Lam for continuously telling him "step on it". "I kept pedaling and pedaling, in the end I finally realized that he was shooting long range. I was only the size of a bean." Director Lam said that he was rather pleased with Eddie as a professional actor. "If this film doesn't have Eddie, I wouldn't have been able to make it."

Eddie said that he was not too healthy in his childhood. "Mama sent to me to exercise so I could be a little stronger. I never expected that now almost every film I take has to do with sports. I really put 'what I learned to use'."


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Melvin Wong and Angie Chiu
Cally Kwong
Jet Li arrives with Mr. and Mrs. Charles Heung
Karena Ng
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With some rare time off, Julian Cheung of course will spend it with his family
Karena Ng has a chance to work on a movie in Korea
Donnie Yen, Ray Lui
Jet Li
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Jet Li (Lee Nin Kit), Julian Cheung Chi Lam, Mr. and Mrs. Donnie Yen Chi Tan, Mr. and Mrs. Ray Lui Leung Wai, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Heung Wa Keung, Angie Chiu Nga Chi and her husband Melvin Wong Kam Sun, Karena Ng Chin Yu and others last night attended the Po Leung Kuk-Bazaar Charity Fund: Shanghai Night Charity Ball. Rumored to be playing a Jedi in STAR WARS EPISODE VIII, Chi Tan only said, "No comment, tonight is about charity." He entered the venue without conducting any interview. Lee Nin Kit who was also rumored to have been cast also went inside without any interview.

Chilam appeared as the "Po Leung Goodwill Ambassador". He was dressed in white because he wanted to coordinate with the Shanghai Night theme. With two weeks off he will take his son Morton to Beijing and meet up with his wife Anita Yuen Wing Yi, who is working on a series there. They will visit the Great Wall then fly to the U.S. Will he send his son to study in the U.S.? He admitted that he has thought about it because his son's international school in Hong Kong also used the U.S. educational system. Len Len has already been working in Beijing for ten days. When asked if he was free then, he said that he was very busy as well. Len Len also has returned to see their son. After the vacation he will work with Louis Koo Tin Lok and Vic Chou Yu Man on the film S STORM (S FUNG BO) in August.

Earlier Raymond Lam Fung sprained his ankle while working on a series in Hengdian, Ng Chin Yu reportedly visited. When asked about his condition, she revealed that he has already returned to Hong Kong and is already 70 to 80% recovered. The doctor said that he aggravated an old injury so he should stay away from extraneous exercises. Chin Yu also clarified that she did not visit her boyfriend because of the injury. Actually after she finished her film in Shanghai she took the high speed railway to visit him, he was injured after her visit. She also revealed that he will have to prepare for his new record after returning to Hong Kong, so they would not be able to see each other much. Later she originally was scheduled to work on a Korean film co-production, but due to MERS she did not know whether the location would have changed. She would still go to Korea if she was required because she has already signed the contract. She would only be a little more careful.


Michelle Williams' husband Tim, son Zac and daughter Emma come from Australia to attend the memorial
Jordan Chan is the chair of the memorial planning committee.  He is proud to have danced Michelle Williams' choreography.
Josephine Siao and her husband Clarence Chang
Sunny Wong and Michael Tse 
Robert Chua and Michelle Williams were colleagues on ENJOY YOURSELF TONIGHT.  
Philip Chan remembers his friend
Aaron Kwok (left) and Sunny Wong (right) respect Michelle Williams very much
Aaron Kwok sends flowers from overseas
Joseph Koo and Michelle Williams dress up for a children song
Michelle Williams was Hong Kong's first generation master choreographer
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Sunny Wong, Michael Tse and Jordan Chan remember Michelle Williams
Michelle Williams' memorial
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Hong Kong's first generation master choreographer Michelle Williams (Mui Sze Lai) earlier passed away in Australia. Her friends and disciples yesterday held a memorial for her at a Tsim Sha Tsui hotel. Her husband Tim Williams, son Zac, daughter Emma and her friend Kelly came to Hong Kong to attend. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Chua Wo Ping, Jordan Chan Siu Chun, Michael Tse Tin Wa, Sunny Wong and Mak Tak Law also attended. Aaron Kwok Fu Sing who was unable to attend sent flowers.

The memorial not only displayed many old photos of Michelle with her discipls and friends but also showed some videos, including her wedding in Hong Kong when Roman Tam (Law Man), George Lam Chi Cheung, Jenny Tseng, Lydia Shum Din Ha were among the guests. Michelle's husband Tim said that he was very heartbroken but was very happy to be invited to come to Hong Kong and meet with his wife's friends. He also said that his wife liked Hong Kong very much. Everyone was there to celebrate her life. Many dancers have said that they have learned a lot from Michelle, Tim said that Michelle also learned a lot from them. He also revealed that last week a private funeral was held for his late wife in Australia, only he and their children attended. Michelle's ashes is now resting at home. He revealed that his wife had emphysema for over 20 years and passed away peacefully in her sleep. "She only wanted to sleep. (Did you have any final word?) She really missed her Hong Kong friends, because her days at TVB were some of her happiest!"

Chan Siu Chun was the chair of memorial planning committee. He revealed that he only had two to three weeks to put together the memorial. Because Grandma (Michelle's nickname) was a foreigner, the format would not be too sad. Siu Chun also praised Grandma as someone who had a lot of ideas and talent, and said that entertainment performance was not just singing in the front, but also a group of dancers performing. Otherwise it would not be the same. Thus dancers were the unsung heroes. Unfortunately now the dance world has zero star to be found. Thus he hoped that in the future he would like to unite people in this category and is discussing setting up an association. Will he be the leader? He said that he would do his best. Although Siu Chun did not officially study dance with Michelle, she handpicked him and Tse Tin Wa to dance in the Italian Opera TURANDOT at the Cultural Center. He said, "Being able to dance her choreography, I already felt like a big shot!" Tin Wa said that he learned a lot from Michelle, including about the stage and how to treat people and handle matter. Did he consider Michelle his mentor? He said, "Anyone who got into the TVB dance team was her disciple, but she left soon after I joined." As for Siu Chun's idea of setting up a dancer association, Tin Wa agreed. "It's a good thing, it will be the best if he will be the president. Depending on my work schedule, I will definitely do my part as needed!"

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A fan scares Lin Chiling out of her wits
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Aaron Kwok and Chang Chen are brothers on and off screen
Chang Chen and Aaron Kwok's exchanges and behavior were described as sexually ambiguous
Chang Chen and Aaron Kwok's roll in the grass becomes a hot topic
Wang Baoqiang jokes about wanting to reprise the embrace scene with Aaron Kwok
Chen Kaige was named the Shanghai Film Academy president
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The famous Mainland director Chen Kaige's three years long production THE MONK COMES DOWN THE MOUNTAIN made over 200 million RMB after 3 days in release. Unexpectedly the most talked about was not Lin Chiling's bed scene but Aaron Kwok Fu Sing and Chang Chen's roll on the grass and numerous embrace and loving stares, all of which were talked about online as full of homosexual love. Yesterday Sing Sing and Chang Chen continued to promote in Shanghai and even graciously embraced to express the life and death relationship that director Chen Kaige asked for.

Director Chen Kaige yesterday promoted the film in the Shanghai University with Kwok Fu Sing, Chang Chen, Wang Baoqiang and Lin Chiling. Lately some viewers described Sing Sing and Chang Chen's performance in the film as "gay". Yesterday they embraced when they appeared, Wang Baoqiang even jokingly embraced Sing Sing and kissed him for laughs.

Chen Kaige was officially named the Shanghai Film Academy president. Chen Kaige said that he did not want to be a figure head. If he only served in named, he asked everyone to ask him to resign. In the future he will definitely teach students. Speaking of his film's polarizing word of mouth, many viewers said that they did not understand it. Sing Sing and Chang Chen's intricate relationship was described online as the Mainland version of BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN. In the film Sing Sing left Chang Chen and told him to get married and start a family. Chang Chen asked if they would never see each other again. Sing Sing answered, "I will always wait for you, I will never leave you." Some online even said that Best Actor Sing Sing even performed the gay relationship just right, as his acting reached another level. Chen Kaige said that if viewers did not understand, it was because an explanation from the narrating character would be unclear. He did not like that either and felt it was not good enough, thus he had to apologize. When speaking of Sing Sing and Chang Chen, he asked for a life and death passion between them -- the brotherhood that already surpassed romantic love. During the shoot he did not mean for them to be gay, but if viewers had the impression he would not object particularly.

Chang Chen admitted that when the director asked them to roll in the grass he was somewhat surprised. He has never worked on such a scene, but during the shoot he would not overthink it. When the viewers feel that the film had same sex love, actually it should be determined by what the director wanted to express. Perhaps because the film removed many scenes the misunderstanding arose. Sing Sing replied that since Chang Chen did not think that way, he did not either. He explained that their roll on the grass looked simple but was very hard to roll elegantly. Thus they had multiple bad takes.


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Former swimmer Kevin Chu (right) plans to join the film industry
Carlos Chan and Ryan Lui
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Emperor Motion Picture TO THE FORE (POR FUNG)'s actor Carlos Chan Ka Lok yesterday announced the formation of the "TO THE FORE cycling team" with former Hong Kong swimming representative Kevin Chu Kam Yin former news anchor Ryan Lui (Lau Chun Kong) and others. Later it will promote cycling in various districts. Speaking of the film release next month, Ka Lok was looking forward to it. "I can see all the effort contributed to the production 1 year ago, but I would leave the box office for director (Dante) Lam Chiu Yin to worry about. This time I couldn't be more evil. Even in the sequel I hope to continue to be bad. I don't want to play a nice guy again."

Last year Ka Lok was injured during the shoot in Taichung. Yesterday he revealed that recently he had another near miss. "The director and I attended a charity race in the Mainland. The fans were so enthusiastic that some bicycles were 'crushing' me. The situation was similar to when I was injured in Taichung. I immediately braked from the fear, then I saw every bicycles crashed in front of me." Ka Lok also said that he already crashed once in Form 1 and had to be operated on.

Chu Kam Yin made his film debut with TO. During the practices he also had accidents, he was lucky to leave unscathed. Reportedly thus he and lead actor Eddie Peng Yu-Yan became close over that. At age 26 he played to follow elder Alex Fong Lik Sun's footstep into show business and signed with Eddie's management agency. Lau Chun Kong was asked ATV's "recruitment" and humorously responded. "They are global, I am local. I might not be able to speak the Putonghua that they ask for. In addition can they pay the 'heavy offer'? No thank you!"


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The husband and wife team of Karena Lam Ka Yan and director Steve Yuen Kim Wai worked together on the Emperor Motion Picture HEAVEN IN THE DARK (UM SIK TIN TONG). The production has been going so smoothly that after less than a month in production it already surpassed its "quota". The cast and the crew even built deep friendship. After celebrating lead actor Jacky Cheung Hok Yau's July birthday on the set earlier, the production even held a 5 table wrap banquet. Hok Yau was unable to attend.

Michelle Wai Si Nga admitted that she benefited a lot from the shoot. "I really got something in my pocket everyday. I paid a lot of attention to how the director directed Ka Yan and Hok Yau's acting, I hid in the back to pick up the tips. One day I didn't have any scene, but when I learned that Ka Yan had a very important emotional scene I went to the set to learn." Si Nga and Ka Yan played Christians this film and she began to become interested in bible study. "I even went to church once with Ka Yan, the feeling was very special."

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The Louis Koo Tin Lok, Miriam Yeung Chin Wa starred film LITTLE BIG MASTER (NG GOR SIU HAI DIK HAU JEUNG) was a commercial and critical hit in Hong Kong. Since the film's release on March 19 the movie is still at the cinema and participates in film festivals around the world. It just won Best Family Film at Canada's Niagara Integrated Film Festival.

Producer Benny Chan Muk Sing is currently working in Shaoxing with director Sammo Hung Kam Bo on the new film THE DEADLY RECLAIM (NGAI SING CHI BA) and is very excited to hear the good news. "I am happy, I wholeheartedly thank everyone who has contributed to this film. Without that team spirit, a good movie would never happen. I sincerely thank you." Koo Tin Lok also happily said, "Great! I am super happy."