Wednesday, May 4, 2016


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BOUNTY HUNTERS is the first Chinese film that Korean star Lee Min-Ho participated in and also the first film in which he worked with Chinese actors. Playing a bounty hunter in the film, Lee Min-Ho was known across the city. The film had car chases, gang fights, 8 foot jump, Lee Min-Ho stated that his life risking performance was the best gift to thank his Hong Kong and Mainland fans for their love and support.

Bounty hunters get paid to take care of other people's problems! Lee Min-Ho sold his skills and Wallace Chung Han Leung sold his schemes. Under the leader Tiffany Tang Yan they had many thrilling action scenes in order to find out the mastermind behind a hotel explosion plot. In the stills, Lee Min-Ho not only had a baton to fight but also kicked to fend off the enemies; he was also back to back with Tang Yan in preparation for the impending fight. Lee Min-Ho said, "In the film I played a bodyguard, by chance I became a bounty hunter so I had to be prepared before hand for the fights. The action director was very demanding, the jumps and the landings both needed to be strong, powerful yet professional. They also had to be cool!"

Fellow bounty hunter Karena Ng Chin Yu in the film played a computer hacker who could not leave her computer. Louis Fan Siu Wong in a departure from his usual rough kung fu image played a hunter butler who was strong yet attentive. Jeremy Xu (Tsui Ching Hei)'s look was very different, with odd and cool orange hair as he battled brains and brawn with the five bounty hunters.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

[2016.05.04] FOR THE WEEK STARTING APRIL 30 2016

For the week starting April 30 2016

  Jane Zhang Liangying

  Can : Yut Seung Sau
  Phil Lam Yik Hong

  Jay Fung Wing Him featuring MastaMic

  Can : Dung Guong
  Eli Hsieh (Tse Ting Yin)


  Can : Chun Yit
  Stephanie Cheng Yung

  Can : Yuen Mei
  The Grasshoppers

  Can : Ji Si But Gau Oi Ji Gei
  Della Ding Dong SINGLE
  Can : Yut Gor Yun
  William Wei (Wai Lai On)

  Can : Yuen
  AGA (Kong Hoi Ga)

  Can : Lau Hung Gor Kuk
  Li Ronghao

  Can : Suet Sut Wa
  Nana Lee (Lee Chin Na)

  Can : Sei Sum Liu Moot Yau
  Rick Hsiao (Siu Wong Kei)

  Can : Ngor Moon Si Pung Yau
  Gary Chaw (Cho Gat)

  Can : Yuen Leung Ngor
  Andy Lau Tak Wa

  Can : Ying Hung
  Jay Chou (Chow Kit Lun)


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Myolie Wu Hung Yi yesterday attended a nail polish event, after which she had to rush to Suzhou for the film NGOR WAI CHEH KONG (CRAZY FOR CARS). She will have to be away from her husband for a month. Will her husband visit? Hung Yi said, "He has to work too, maybe he will come in between. Because my husband is complaining about all my jobs, after the shoot I will take a break. (Will you rest until you have a baby?) I don't know. After marriage my state of mind changed. I want to give more time to my family and be responsible, so I have to properly adjust. A successful woman is like this. (Do you feel you are successful?) Not yet, I am still working on it." How does her husband complain? Hung Yi said, "He would say I should cook another meal for him, or to embrace a little longer. Because we haven't been able to see each other for a long time, I don't want to go too far to work for a long time." As for a reality show with her husband, Hung Yi joked that her husband's steamed winter melon (Putonghua) was not so good. In addition he is an outsider so they would not make one.


Eric Kot makes a mystery guest appearance with Chrissie Chau
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Chrissie Chau Sau Na earlier worked with Eric Kot Man Fai at Central's Soho on the film adaptation of the play 29+1. Back then the Kearen Pang Sau Wai written and directed play was a commercial and critical hit and had many repeated runs. Chrissie in the film also had to perform from the beginning to the end, which to her was truly a huge challenge. Although she has been working on movies in recent years, she still lacked a representative film that recognized her acting. Chrissie did not relax at all in search for a breakthrough, on the set she appeared to be deep in thought and concentration for the long run. Even when the team took breaks she remained very anxious. Off camera she had little exchange with Kot Man Fai. For them to relax and get into character, the team during the shoot played Japanese singer Toshinobu Kubota's 90s hit LA LA LA LOVE SONG. Kot Man Fai began to move to the music, drastically different from Chrissie's anxious state.

Playing a taxi driver, Kot Man Fai was a surprise guest star. To keep the mystery on his character he never appeared during the film promotion. The shoot location was also a Mid Level street with few people, everything was kept very low key.


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The film YUN BUT JU DIK NGAN LUI (TEARS THAT CANNOT BE HELD BACK) yesterday started production with new actors. Roy Chow Wing Hung and his current girlfriend Cherie Wong Chin Wing. Chow Wing Hung said that he and the film's executive producer Hayden Leung Yik Nam were forming an entertaining company, thus he was not avoiding on screen performance due to his bad image. He still would make movies when he had the chance, but now he is focusing on the company's behind the scene production.

K-Chek would also participate in the film and play a villain. Former girlfriend Shiga Lin Si Nga admitted that she broke up for the 20th time. K-Chek said that they were both busy so they had little contact, he knew that her breakup brought up the past and she had negative press. He hoped that they would all just pass and he would wish her well and pray for her broken heart to be healed soon. As for 20 former boyfriends, K-Chek remained protective. "I don't feel that she had the experience of having so many boyfriends, some were just rumors!" Whenever she had any romantic problems, their intimate photo would be posted. K-Chek helplessly said, "It's a little awkward, I hope everyone would forget quickly!" As for criticism of Shiga as "HK Woman" and "Fake ABC", K-Chek said that she like other girls who went to international schools would mix in English with her Chinese. She was like that normally.

Sunday, May 1, 2016


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Cissy Wang attends with her mother.  Earlier she receives handmade gifts from her children for Mother's Day
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Carina Lau Ka Ling, Cissy Wang, Mark Lui Chung Tak and his wife were among the guests at the Cultural Museum's art exhibit charity night. Ka LIng revealed that her husband was still working on THE FERRYMAN (BAN DOH YUN), after which he will work on PARIS RAIDERS (AU JAU GUNG LEUK). Originally he planned to rest for several months, but now he is still busy with at work.

Ka Ling said that she has collected modern paintings, the goal of which was not waiting for their values to rise but the stories behind the painters made the artwork even more charming. Aside from paintings she also collected sculptures and antique accessories. Someone suggested for Ka Ling to hold an exhibit. She said, "I can, but I have to have enough first. I came to Hong Kong in the 80s, bought a lot of clothes and items that recorded my story. I could share them with everyone." Ka Ling admitted that she has been in the business for 33 years and already have several warehouses worth of personal items. She said, "Mainly I have a lot of clothes and evening gowns, because they are too pretty to throw away. I have fewer costumes, I only 'robbed' several Chinese dresses, including costumes from 2046 and DAYS OF BEING WILD. Because I was familiar with art director (William) Chang Suk Ping I was able to 'rob' him."

Speaking of Tony Leung Chiu Wai having to work on a movie in Europe, Ka Ling said that her husband was still working on THE FERRYMAN in Shanghai. After that he will go to Europe for PARIS RAIDERS. She said, "Originally he thought about taking several months off, but he is still working on a movie. I have visited him in Shanghai. He is OK." She could visit Wai Jai again in Europe and shop. Ka Ling joked, "I can consider that, but I don't want to disturb him too much. I want him to focus on making the movie."


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Radio and Television Hong Kong 31's morning information program THIS MORNING this morning aired a "Talk Style Breakfast" segment. Host Cuson Law Kai Sun invited Wong Jing and cooked a bowl of won ton noodles for breakfast. They ate and talked about his view on Hong Kong films.

The Hong Kong Film Award Best Film went to TEN YEARS this year and led to controversy. Media Asia boss Peter Lam Kin Ngok compared it to won ton noodle and said that TEN YEARS' award was like a won ton noodle shop becoming the best restaurant in Hong Kong, not everyone would be convinced. Wong Jing felt that the comparison was not appropriate. "The Hong Kong Film Award is just a game, you can just laugh at the reward and move on. No one needs to mind too much."

Speaking of domestic films, he compared it to the Meal A, B, and C breakfast in front of him. He said that in the past Hong Kong film mixed together A, B and C meals together, each was wonderful on its own. Now domestic films was left with only a slice of bread, monotonous and bland. Filmmakers had a very hard time to "work". He described the film industry as very cruel. "When no one approaches you or your film can't make money you have to retreat. Yet if your work is good, even when you are 70 plenty of people would still approach you or even force you to make movies. You don't make the call."

Wong Jing has always been daring with his words. Earlier his comment of "Young people have to be able to afford a home to be called successful" received a lot of online criticism. When asked about the Lunar New Year boycott of his new film, he frowned and said, "Don't talk about that, I don't want to say any more. I don't want to encourage them so they would become cockier and cockier. What else can they say? They haven't succeeded in anything. I don't want anyone to start trouble and affect everyone's lives again." He stressed that he had no political ideology, and he did not know any government official.