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Hong Kong independent musician The Pancakes (Choi Ming Lai), 100 MOST founder Roy Tsui (Lam Yat Hei)'s wife Dejay earlier shared the Apple Daily article, "capturing Fat Gor in the wild" and said, "I really have had enough! Everyone is running into Chow Yun Fat Gor except me! I have decided to try my rage into a song. In the next few days I will finish SONG FOR FAT GOR (tentative titled), boohoo~" Honestly, who in hong Kong does not want to run into Fat Gor!

The Pancakes truly lived up to her promise. In less than 5 days SONG FOR FAT GOR was done. She said, "For the chance to take a picture with you, I braved the danger of people force feeding me tofu skin like crazy, wrote and shot this kai song. As an Ah Sim (no longer even an middle aged woman) I really am going all out this time. I hope that in the not too distant future I will be able to run into you, play this song for you and give you my CD, then take selfies on the streets together and jump up together yeah~fan Cake"

The Pancakes sang this song in an ordinary tone, you make the call on whether it is good or not. Regardless it definitely speaks for many Hong Kong people. Even Chapman To Man Chak retweeted the song. "I retweeted it, I hope Fat Gor will see it!" Pancakes responded, "Boohoo~thank you, I don't know how to thank you. Maybe I will give you 100 copies of my every CD?"


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Despite rumors Julian Cheung and Charmaine Sheh have to promote together
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Julian Cheung, Charmaine Sheh, Oceane Zhu and Kenneth Ma
Julian Cheung and Anita Yuen often reveal each other's secrets on a Mainland television program
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The new film TRIUMPH IN THE SKIES (CHUNG SEUNG WON SIU) actors Julian Cheung Chi Lam, Charmaine Sheh Si Man, Kenneth Ma Kwok Ming and Oceane Zhu Xuan yesterday promoted the film in Mongkok. Chi Lam said that the film will have a lot of strong competition during the Lunar New Year but he believed that the title will bring people to the movie. The title was very lucky as everyone would have a moment of triumph in the skies.

Speaking of the very touching scenes from his romance with Amber Kuo, was he afraid that he would make the audience cry during the New Year? Chi Lam said, "Crying is a way of detoxification, after crying they will be even better." As for his wife Anita Yuen Wing Yi earlier on a Mainland program meeting idol Lee Min-Ho and acted like a crazed fan, he admitted that he was very happy for his wife. It was like fulfilling a dream, he would not be jealous of his wife for that. He said, "The true meaning as a companion is to complete more together, open our eyes and not restrict each other. (Which artist would you like to see the most?) Of course Jun Ji-Hyun, I am afraid that when she sees me she would faint, haha!"

Ah Sheh pointed out that her antique plane ride with Louis Koo Tin Lok was memorable because she has never ridden on an antique plane. In addition they had to shoot as soon as they arrived in England so the feeling was different. Would she want to find a pilot boyfriend? She said, "After watching the television series many people already liked pilots and flight attendants, but to run into an ideal companion, I would let it up to fate."

As for Ma Kwok Ming he joked that in the film he could not tell at all that he personally went to England for the shoot. Because he had to rush back to Hong Kong for a series, he only worked on a few scenes in the cockpit there and no location shoot. His co-star Elena Kong Mei Yi also complained about him because of that. Ma Kwok Ming said, "Luckily this time she is my co-star because we worked on a kiss scene as soon as we started. She and I have worked together many times, otherwise it would have been very awkward."


First runner up Veronica Shiu, Miss Chinese International Mandy Choi and second runner up Christina Hui.  Mandy Choi says that her victory is a surprise for her.
Mandy Choi claims to be the dark horse.  During the swimsuit segment her articulate responses bring a lot of joy
Veronica Shiu is not a pre race favorite but with her self confident performance she becomes the first runner up
The youngest contestant, the 18 year old New York contestant Christina Hui's mature performance wins over the jury
Monica Chan
Ada Choi
Eliza Sam, Samantha Ko, Lisa Ch'ng, Toby Chan, Jacquelin Chong, Yoyo Chan
Grace Chan and Norman Leung
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The 2015 Miss Chinese International took place last night at Television City. The winner was contestant 15 from Sydney, Mandy Choi Mei Ting. The first runner up was Hong Kong's Veronica Shiu Pui Sze, the second runner was contestant 11 from New York Catherine Hui (Wai Gui Kiu) and Miss Congeniality was Auckland's Christina Jin (Kam Sze Dik). Favorites like Isabella (Ng Chi Mei) from Bangkok, Anjoe Koh (Hui So Yan) from Kuala Lumpur and contestant 13 from Seattle Leah Li (Lee Cheuk Yi) all faltered, breaking into the top five only. Contestant 13 did not even make it into the top ten.

The winner, contestant 15 Choi Mei Ting is a 22 year old university student. Although she is only 5'4" tall, with her sweet smile and self confidence she was rather relaxed during the question and answer segment. For the talent competition she performed the Samba and even blew a kiss in the end. She liked to cook, dance and travel and would like to become a nurse.

When the program began, the 18 contestants introduced themselves first. Their less than fluent Cantonese became the focus. After the swimsuit segment, eight contestants were eliminated first. In the top ten were Katrina Lee Yuk Mei, contestants 11 Catherine Hui, 16 Valerie Fong Sze Yeung, Christina Jin, Shiu Pui Sze, Ng Chi Mei, Anjoe Koh, 17 Erica Chen, Cindy Ye (Yip Ling Mung Juk) and 15 Choi Mei Ting. Favorite 13 Lee Cheuk Yi did not break into the top ten. After the question and answer segment, the top five contestants were 11 Catherine Hui, Anjoe Koh, 15 Choi Mei Ting, 17 Erica Chen (Chan Yi Jing) and Shiu Pui Sze performed in the talent competition.

In addition, Eliza Sam Lai Heung, Samantha Ko Hoi Ning, Toby Chan Ting Yan, Lisa Ch'ng Sze Ming and Jacquelin Chong Sze Man last night were among the star judges. When the program began they took selfies. Last year's Miss Chinese International Grace CHan Hoi Lam drew attraction with her cleavage but was no match for her elder Monica Chan Fat Yung.

Friday, January 23, 2015


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Ediward Chui (second left) and Wen Chao (right) easily pick up Hana Tam (left) and Nicole Tung (second right)
Nicole Tung (Tai Po Lulu)
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The Eric Tsang Chi Wai starred Lunar New Year film LUCKY STAR 2015 (GUT SING GO JIU 2015)'s actors including Wen Chao, Nicole Tung Ka Yi (Tai Po Lulu), Edward Chui Woei Dong and Hana Tam Hung Nam yesterday promoted the film in Causeway Bay. Tsui Siu Keung' son Chui Woei Dong said that two years ago he and Tai Po Lulu worked together on a commercial. He said that Tai Po Lulu at the time played a beautiful special agent. Working together again this time, he said, "I don't know how to be funny normally. When the director asked for me, I thought he was going to ask me to perform kung fu. I didn't expect him to want me to make faces and be funny, which I feel is a new challenge. I look like a replica of Papa, I hope he (the director) would see how I made fun of him (Papa) and showed the other side of cool for him." Playing in her first comedy, Tai Po Lulu said that in the film she and Taiwan group S.H.E.'s Ella had many scenes. Lulu said, "Ella often told jokes on the set, I learned a lot of expression changes from acting with her."


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Louis Koo Tin Lok will be the 39th Hong Kong International Film Festival ambassador for a second year. He has starred in many films and thus he will continue to promote film culture and related activities. Goo Jai felt very honored to be the ambassador again. "I can do something to promote the Hong Kong film industry as the ambassador again. This year the Hong Kong International Film Festival will bring over 280 films from around the world, I hope everyone will participate in this annual event!"

Thursday, January 22, 2015


Clara sees reporters and calmly returns a smile
Rainky Wai and Lok Ying Kwan
Korean star Clara gets into a water gun fight
Rainky Wai shows off her figure
The film use 3 yachts and 7 sports cars to support Clara
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Korean star Clara, Taiwan singer Prince Chiu and Nina Paw Hee Ching starred film GOR GEI WONG JI (CORGI PRINCE) is heating up in production in Hong Kong. Despite Clara and her agency boss' exchange of condemnation over contract problems, her work has not been affected as she yesterday continued to work on the film at the Pak Sha Wan Public Pier for a scene at sea. The team used 3 yachts and 7 luxury sports cars.

Yesterday the yacht scenes began with Rainky Wai Yu Sam and veteran actor Lok Ying Kwan drinking red wine on the yacht. Suddenly it turned into a water gun fight as Rainky and several women in swimsuits shot at each other. Due to the chill and the strong sea breeze, the ladies were all shivering. After finishing one shot they immediately put on clothes to keep warm.

Clara then appeared with Mainland actor Na Wei worked on additional water gun fight scenes. They often blocked incoming splashes with their arms. Na Wei in order to keep Clara from falling backward grabbed her by the waist.

Clara later changed on another yacht. 7 luxury sports cars were on display, each one cost HK$ 4 million. Clara picked up the film star "Prince". She finally had scenes with Prince, but this Prince was the film's Corgi "Prince". Clara had a little trouble holding it. Later she discovered waiting reporters and smiled at their cameras.


Jacquelin Chong and Annie Liu
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The Patrick Kong (Yip Lim Sum) produced and written, Pakho Chau, Annie Liu (Lau Sum Yau) starred romance S FOR SEX S FOR SECRETS (SIU JEH YAU SUM) officially opened last Thursday in Hong Kong and Macau. With the advanced screening success, its first week box office has already reached HK$ 3,551,513. Earlier Yip Lim Sum even led the two goddesses Lau Sum Yau and Jacquelin Chong Si Man to promote the film in Malaysia. They received the support from many fans.

When asked about working on the numerous intimate scenes with Pakho, Sum Yau was somewhat embarrassed. "Pakho is a very nice person, everyone worked together very well. During the shoot I treated Pakho like my husband, so my performance was very focused. Even with intimate scenes, everyone were very professional, often we finished with one or two takes. However now watching them again I would feel a little embarrassed because I already left the character."

Due to S FOR SEX S FOR SECRETS's extreme subjects, Malaysia censors removed many love scenes. Yip Lim Sum said that he would not feel any regret, "Love scenes are just added touches, the story and the characters themselves are realistic enough. I believe the audience can relate to them."