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Albert Yeung, Kara Wai, and directorAlan Lo
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Excellent Actress Bai Baihe and Excellent Actor Andy Lau

Mr. and Mrs. Chow Yun Fat 
Bai Baihe
Ada Liu
Zhou Dongyu
Excellent actress Bai Baihe
Emperor chief Albert Yeung and Ge You
TO THE FORE won Best Feature Film
Liu Ye
Charlie Yeung and Tony Leung Ka Fai
Wang Baoqiang
Jackie Chan appears with Tao and the crowd cheers
(left) Bona boss Yu Dong, Zhang Hanyu and Tsui Hark
Tsui Hark receives his award from Chow Yun Fat
Kara Wai feels her character's odd temperament is an acting challenge
HEARTFALL ARISES' Sean Lau and Tong Liya
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The 16th Chinese Film Huabiao Awards took place last night ago in Beijing. This Huabiao Award selected 20 awards like excellent feature film,excellent farm film, excellent minority film, excellent youth creative film, excellent youth and children film, excellent animation, excellent screenwriter, excellent director, excellent actor, excellent actress, excellent cinematographer, and excellent film score from 28 films from 2014 and 2015. Hong Kong director Tsui Hark with THE TAKING OF TIGER MOUNTAIN won excellent director award, which Chow Yun Fat presented to him.

Emperor boss Albert Yeung Sau Sing appeared on the red carpet four times. Aside from leading HAPPINESS, THE WASTED TIMES, and TO THE FORE (POR FUNG) teams he also appeared with "Guest Directors" like Alan Mak Siu Fai. TO THE FORE won the Best Feature Film award. He and director Dante Lam Chiu Yin accepted the award. Director Lam said, "Thank you to the event for the honor for TO THE FORE and its positive energy film support. Thank you boss Dr. Yeung Sau Sing. I also have to thank 200% all of the actors in the film; without you physically riding 117,900 kilometers, the TO THE FORE absolutely cannot be displayed."

Andy Lau Tak Wa with LOST AND LOVE (SUT GOO) won Excellent Actor. Although his voice was a little hoarse from illness, Wa Jai not only won his first Huabiao actor award but also asked everyone to pray for the victims of the Jiangsu tornado and hail storm and to salute two firefighters who lost their lives in a Hong Kong fire.

Lau Tak Wa on the red carpet was asked about his confidence. Lau Tak Wa joked, "I am old, so I should win!" Defeating THE TAKING OF TIGER MOUNTAIN's Zhang Hanyu, they embraced when the result was announced. Wa Jai thanked the director for having the courage to ask him to play this farm laborer character. Through the film more attention was brought to the lost children problem. Lau Tak Wa later said that due to his hoarse voice he was unable to perform THE ROAD HOME. He was very happy to win his first Huabiao award and still felt like he was dreaming. Holding the award still took some getting used to.

Excellent Actress went to GET LOST! MR. TUMOR's Bai Baihe. "I don't know how can I stand here and enjoy this honor. Thank you to the workers who trusted me, I will keep working hard on this acting road." Bai Baihe also admitted that actors must kept trying and breaking through. Her definition of breaking through was building experience in her expert areas, then explore other areas. The film also won excellent youth creative film".

International superstar Jackie Chan promoted three films including next month's release SKIPTRACE, the December release RAILROAD TIGERS and the 2017 release KUNG FU YOGA all at once.

Jackie Chan led actors including former Korean boy band EXO member Tao. Jackie Chan kept greeting the audience, which was very excited to see him. Instead "young fresh meat" Tao was neglected as the focus all fell on Jackie Chan. Jackie Chan was very happy to see the enthusiasm of the audience.

The Wai Ying Hung starred Emperor Motion Picture HAPPINESS (HUNG WON SI NGOR) received event recommendation. Wai Ying Hung dressed up to walk the red carpet with director Andy Lo (Law Yiu Fai). Wai Ying Hung said that her HAPPINESS character was very challenging for her despite her years in film. "I have never played a 60 year old senior on the silver screen. To me it is a new attempt. However the character has odd temperament and makes an interesting contrast with co-star (Carlos) Chan Ka Lok.

The film HEARTFALL ARISES (GAING SUM POR)'s actors Sean Lau Ching Wan, Mainland artist Tong Liya, Shaun Tam Chun Yin and director Ken Wu Pinru also took to the red carpet.


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Artist Kabby Hui Nga Ting in the film KIDNAP DING DING DON tried comedy for the first time. She said, "I play a funny flight attendant and have a lot of funny scenes!" She also revealed that the biggest challenge was dancing. "I only had very little time to practice. Thanks to director (Wilson) Chin Kwok Wai trusting me, the result was rather pleasing!" She said that she benefit a lot from elders Alex Fong Lik Sun and Ivana Wong Yuen Chi. The most memorable was when the director asked her to play "HK woman" unique quality. "After the shoot I was very worried that I went too far, but the director praised me for having a comedy gene!"


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The William Chan Wai Ting, Tang Yixin, Jessica starred romantic comedy I LOVE THAT CRAZY LITTLE THING will open in the Mainland on August 5th. Yesterday the character poster and production special were released. Jessica surprised with her first film performance, sometimes as a gentle goddess and sometimes as a sexy lady who used a leather whip on William. However Jessica said that this S and M scene had no difficulty at all. Instead William suffered as he was topless when he was hit. His muscles kept shaking.

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Miriam Yeung, Louis Koo, and Song Ji-Hyo
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Korean goddess Song Ji-Hyo last night with Louis Koo Tin Lok and Miriam Yeung Chin Wa attended a Causeway Bay glasses brand shop opening. Goo Jai in the summer has 5 films releases, including THREE (SAM YUN HUNG), LINE WALKER (SI HUNG TOH JEH), LEAGUE OF GODS (FUNG SUN JUEN KEI), S STORM (S FUNG BO) and CALL OF HEROES (NGAI SING). He admitted that this would be the first summer that he would have 5 releases, in the future he will be busy with promotions as well as working on Benny Chan Muk Sing's MAL SING YUN. He said listlessly, "Under the sweltering heat I had to shoot in a ball park out in the open. A worker got heat stroke. I didn't but I was drenching in sweat. It was exhausting." Was he worried that his films would drag each other's box office down? Goo Jai joked, "I hope it drags down the Olympics, don't watch the Olympics. I would also tell friends to drag down their pants in support and watch every one."


Lee Joon-Gi and Zhou Dongyu
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The Stanley Kwan Kam Peng produced, Lin Yu-Hsien directed, Lee Joon-Gi, Zhou Dongyu starred and Ethan Juan (Yuen King Tin) guest starred film BEGIN AGAIN earlier was invited to participate in the Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival in Korea and also qualified for the Asian Film Jury Prize competition.

The film was a love story between Lee Joon-Gi played Korean guy and the Zhou Dongyu played Shanghai girl. This time was Korean start Lee Joon-Gi's first return to the silver screen after his military service and also his first Chinese film.


Ivana Wong would like the film to be a hit, then adapt it for the stage and work with Alex Fong Lik Sun again.
Alycia Chan
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Ivana Wong and Alex Fong Lik Sun
Emily Kwan plays an Indonesian maid

Director Wilson Chin and his wife Calinda Chan
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Alex Fong Lik Sun, Ivana Wong Yuen Chi, Emily Kwan Bo Wai, Shek Sau, Angela Tong Ying Ying and Shirley Yeung Szeki two nights ago attended the film KIDNAP DING DING DON premiere in Causeway Bay.

Kwan Bo Wai looked much thinner. She said that because at the end of last year she had an uterine fibroid removal operation and her father's passing earlier, she was much thinner. She also pointed out that during the shoot she ran into something supernatural, as her own slippers turned into children's shoes. Since that day she started to bring her own charm water to work. Ivana said that she personally witnessed the event and felt it would be very hard to explain. Siu Fong joked, "Maybe she has bad luck, we have good luck so we didn't run into anything strange like that."

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Mr. and Mrs. Johnnie To pose with Andy Hui and Sammi Cheng
Andy Hui performs MY WAY and LOVER
Sammi Cheng performs LIFELONG BEAUTY
Johnnie To performs
Damien Lau, Anthony Wong, Andy Hui,Sammi Cheng and Raymond Wong Ho Yin
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Sammi Cheng Sau Man two nights ago with husband Andy Hui Chi On attended an event. Johnnie To Kei Fung and Jonathan Wong Tsz Hin invited Sammi to perform LIFELONG BEAUTY on the spot but still gave a high quality performance. To Sir asked her husband Hui Chi On to perform MY WAY and LOVER. To Sir could not have enjoyed the songs more.