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Connie Man claims to be the sexiest Chau Heung in history, with multiple bath scenes in her new film
Connie Man says that she has no limit on how sexy she can be, completely depending on the audience reaction
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Connie Man Hoi Ling recently signed with director Wong Jing. After becoming a "Jing Girl" she naturally does not lack the opportunity to show off her figure. She in the upcoming film release FLIRTING IN THE AIR (TONG BAK FU ji CHUNG SEUNG WON SIU) played Chau Heung, with many wet and back baring scenes. She stole more spotlight than lead actress DaDa Chan Jing.

Connie believed that she was the "sexiest Chau Heung in history" because she had many bathing scenes. She said that before hand she was rather nervous. "After Brother Jing's detailed explanation, during the shoot I actually got into the character more. In addition being naked while bathing was very reasonable. It wasn't a bed scene yet. However I asked my parents for permission so they would not be surprised when they would watch." As the new "Jing Girl", Connie admitted that she had some pressure. Luckily Brother Jing praised her as a mix of Best Actresses Anita Yuen Wing Yi and Cecilia Yip Tung. Connie was surprised. "I really admired them, both are Best Actresses with both acting and appearance. Len Len is just outstanding with comedy and tragedy. Yip Tung has a lot of personality and charm. I see them as my goal!"

Did she have any sexy restriction this time? Connie said that it would depend on the audience response. She still had room to go "further". "If everyone accepts me being sexy, I would consider it again. (Topless?) As an actress I would try to coordinate, I would see if the story requires it and listen to the company's arrangement." Connie was not afraid of being typecast as only selling sexy. Recently she made the Lunar New Year film FROM VEGAS TO MACAU 2 (DOH SING FUNG WON 2) and played a Interpol officer. She even got to work with Best Actors Chow Yun Fat and Nick Cheung Ka Fai, what a rare opportunity! Connie lately took time out from her busy schedule to go to the spa in hopes of being at her best and break out.


Barbie Liu wins the "daring talent" award

Wilson Chin (center) and Stephen Chow
3 Sun Jialing successfully advances
Yuanli Ruoxin has a wardrobe malfunction but wins the popularity award
Some candidates dance oddly
Linah Matsuoka rolls on the floor
Lam Tsz Chung
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Linah Matsuoka turns into a mermaid
Barbie Liu does not advance into the round of six
Stephen Chow personally presents the creativity award to Barbie Liu
Kabby Hui
Rainky Wai does not advance
Candidates give their all to advance
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Stephen Chow Sing Chi's new film MERMAID (MEI YUN YU) last night held its film casting final in Shenzhen. The 13 candidates fought for a chance to advance. They had to pass live acting tests, wear sexy mermaid costumes to make sexy poses, and remove their makeup to display their actual look. Sing Yeh personally watched the girls perform and did not seem to be affected by Mrs. Charles Heung Wa Keung's blasts. Linah Matsuoka and Kabby Hui Nga Ting successfully moved on to the round of six. Barbie Liu (Ha Wai Yu) and Rainky Wai Yu Yui did not, but Ha Wai Yu received the creativity award from Sing Yeh. She took all the risks during her performance, showing her ample sexy figure and stole the spotlight. Candidate number 6 from Qingdao Grace Yuanli Ruoxin won the popularity award.

The final stage was an underwater design. Due to the typhoon the start was delayed for almost half a hour to wait from some of the guests. The 13 girls first appeared in strap dresses, shaking their hips, kicking and lying down. From Qingdao, number 6 Yuanli Ruoxin jump kicked in the routine; From Shanghai, number 13 Eva Liu Fuyi had a wardrobe malfunction but did not realize until Wilson Chin Kwok Wai reminded her. During self introduce, Hui Nga Ting said that she was a mermaid who loved to laugh, move and jump. Ha Wai Yu said in Putonghua that she was a mermaid who could rap.

The contest was divided into three parts, first the girls had to make different expressions and movements according to instructions, like a sex symbol, Parkinson's disease patient, spoiled and sassy, and Wise Guy. They focused on their performance without any regard for their appearance. Ha Wai Yu even deliberately leaned forward to show off her chest. The second test had the girls wear sexy mermaid costumes to show off their beauty. Hui Nga Ting, Wai Yu Yui, Ha Wai Yu and others had awesome results. Many girls like Linah Matsuoka, Ha Wai Yu and others lay on the ground and rolled around to show off their figures. Finally the girls had to remove their makeup on the spot. Some did not remove it from their eyes and mouth so they did not look much different.

Chow Sing Chi arrived around 9:45PM with security. When asked about the girls' performance, he smiled and said that they were great. His favorite was the makeup removal part. He was afraid because some girls were prettier without makeup. Sing Yeh later presented awards to 6 candidates. Number 1 Xu Zhenzhen (Jiangsu), 2 Hui Nga Ting (Hong Kong), 3 Sun Jialing (Chongqing), 7 Lin Yun (Zhejiang), 9 Yinyin (Shandong), 10 Linah Matsuoka (Japan). Later when he left the audience surrounded him. When reporters asked about Mrs. Heung demand for an apology by her deadline, he did not hear and left.


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Nick Cheung feels that success is not from talk but from action
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The Oscar documentary award winner Ruby Yang directed documentary about the transformation of underperforming students, MY VOICE MY LIFE, will be released next month. This group of young people who never gave up on themselves moved Andy Lau Tak Wa, Nick Cheung Ka Fai, Deanie Ip Tak Han, Sandra Ng Kwan Yu, Kelly Chen Wai Lam, Johnnie To Kei Fung, Fruit Chan Gor, Jan Lamb Hoi Fung and Sammy.

Cheung Ka Fai sentimentally felt that when you made a mistake, it was not important if anyone would help. The most important was doing your part well.


Wong Yau Nam, Charlene Choi and Anthony Wong in GANGSTER PAY DAY

Anthony Wong Chau Sun and Charlene Choi Cheuk Yin starred in the film GANGSTER PAY DAY (DAI CHA FAN) after being invited to be the Busan International Film Festival closing film earlier was invited to participate in the San Diego Asian Film Festival as well. The film's subject was the decline of the mob, through which the Hong Kong community transition phenomena were on display. The Hong Kong audience could relate. The film also starred Chan Wai Man, Ng Chi Hung, Joe Cheung Tung Cho and others. The event praised that this film was very moving and full of Hong Kong nostalgia; director Lee Po Cheung hoped that the film would be able to provide foreign viewers more understanding of Hong Kong.

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Barbie Liu, Linah Matsuoka and Kabby Hui get a taste of being mermaids
The "mermaids" visit an aquarium to observe marine life
Rainky Wai has to commute between Hong Kong and China for a series and the contest
Kabby Hui plays a junkie without any regard for appearance
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The Stephen Chow Sing Chi directed new film MERMAID (MEI YUN YU)'s actor recruitment contest will take place tonight in Shenzhen Overseas Chinese Town. Sing Yeh will personally attend to cast actresses. The 13 new actresses yesterday rehearsed in order to be at their best.

Barbie Liu (Ha Wai Yu), Rainky Wai Yu Yui, Linah Matsuoka, Kabby Hui Nga Ting and many Mainland candidates have been in intense training including swimming, acting and dancing in recent days. Yesterday they even changed into "mermaid" costumes, as they put on fake fish tails to experience the feeling of being a mermaid. With a blue tail Linah Matsuoka excitedly said, "My lucky color is blue, which greatly increases my confidence! With this fish tail walking is very hard, I get why the mermaid princess wants to have a pair of legs!"

Lately Rainky has to work on a series in Hong Kong and she frequently commuted between China and Hong Kong. She admitted her exhaustion. "However I am very happy to have a chance to break into the Mainland market. I have learned a lot. I don't treat this like a contest, I enjoy it like a performance." Barbie said that she has become friends with many Mainland candidates, as training reaches the countdown stage she is reluctant to part. "I have a special connection with Kuang Huali, we share a room and we don't even have to close the bathroom door. Sometimes when the schedule is tight, the candidates all take off their underwear and change into swimsuits in front of everyone! During this period I have learned about swimming and acting, I can flip in the water. It is a miracle!"

Earlier the ladies attended an acting class. Kabby squat down and played a junkie without any regard for her appearance. Linah Matsuoka widened her eyes to play a bully. During their dance class, when Rainky lay down and kick, Mainland candidate Xu Zhenzhen kicked her and her hair was all over the place. The "mermaids" also visited an aquarium to observe the marine life.


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Angelica Lee Sinjie, her husband Oxide Pang Shun and his daughter attended her friend Valen Hsu (Hui Yu Wan)'s wedding in Korea and also had a little sisterly fun with Charlie Yeung Choi Nei and Gigi Leung Wing Kei. Among the 4 Lee Sinjie wed the earliest. This her marriage to Pang Shun experienced a storm. Pang Shun cheated with third party Liddy Li but Lee Sinjie forgave him. Two days ago when she saw Hui Yu Wan's wedding she grew sentimental, saying that marriage required courage and strength. She posted their wedding photos and wrote, "In the past four years, we witnessed the most important stage of each other's lives, sharing each other's most moving happiness and in this age of friend supporting each other......this friendship has accompanied us on the journey of marriage, giving us courage and strength."


Donnie Yen has put in quite an effort with both acting and action design
Charlie Yeung, Deep Ng
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The Teddy Chan Tak Sum directed martial art 3D film KUNG FU JUNGLE (YUT GOR YUN DIK MO LUM) starred Donnie Yen Chi Tan, Charlie Yeung Choi Nei, Wang Baoqiang and Bai Bing. After the classic IP MAN scene was 1 against 10, Chi Tan this time in the film fought 1 against 17. In the story a series of mysterious murders took place in Hong Kong. Chief Inspector of Police Lok Won Sum is out of ideas. Prisoner Ha Hau Mo volunteers to assist the police in capturing the culprit.

Charlie said that when the film started, Chi Tan by chance saw the news on television in prison and learned about the recent series of murders. He immediately demanded to see her but was denied. He then started with a prisoner he never got along with and ended up in a 1 against 17 fight. For this fight, Chi Tan performed personally and even directed the action. He said that before the shoot he already discussed the action designs with director Chan Tak Sum. In the end they decided that he would direct three to four action scenes in the entire film. The other fight scenes would be left to the Stuntmen Association's Stephen Tung Wai, Yuen Bun and Yim Wa.

Chi Tan said, "I took a very actual fight approach, very demanding on martial art theories. When you do this, I do that, whether it is reasonable, can it be blocked, can it be dodged, every punch and every kick can been seen very clearly and everything makes sense. So after watching these few scenes, you would see that they have a lot of Yen Chi Tan's style."

Charlie said that her relationship with Chi Tan was very intricate. They seemed to distrust each other and would not call each other friends. Yet because his martial art training formulas may help her resolve the case, they reluctantly worked together. Their relationship was using each other. In the end they investigated and captured the culprit together.